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  • Charlie G - YOU WILL BE AMAZED

    CRGPRO LASER LIGHT SHOW. This is my 3rd laser light device and they all have very bright lights and blink , twinkle, fad in and out some have remote controls some don't. The CRGPRO laser can cover 800 square feet with thousands of red and green lights at a distance of 100 yards. In my opinion the CRGPRO without a doubt has the most light points out of any laser light device that I have seen you really have to see this to believe it I can describe it all day long but until you see how many red and green lights this laser sends out it's absolutely incredible. The laser also comes with a remote and a stake to secure into the ground or you hang it by the bracket on the top of the unit. Remember this is a laser so never stare at the device while it is on and never point the laser light into the air. When you begin set up push the stake into the ground and tilt the light toward the ground turn on the lights and slowly lift and remember you can move the laser light closer or further from your home to get the desired coverage.The remote allows you to turn on/off the green or red and have different combinations of blinking , fading and the speed of the blinking and fading and a timer that can be set for 2 up to 8 hours. The device is water proof so don't let bad weather stop your fun. I received my CRGPRO for free or at a discount to write a fair and honest review.My reviews are not influenced by a discount or incentive from a seller.

  • Nobody - They are scraping the bottom of the barrell now: Not really worthy of this Bootleg series.

    I pre-ordered this back in August, then cancelled, it dropped 10 bucks and thought OK It's Miles. Thanks to Amazon's push back of my order I am only reviewing the tracks via the downloads and I am happy to have heard it, because it's going back unopened. There is no way in the world I can justify 32 dollars with tax for this!

  • Gourmet Chuckaroo - Works better than I had expected ...

    I bought a whole house humidifier but could not tell what was happening in rooms other than where it is sitting. Thought this might help me monitor the situation. My house has a heat pump and when it is cold, the system runs most of the time causing the air to become very dry and my nasal passages to dry up and dive me bananas. I bought one of these items and then bought two more so I could monitor the humidty throughout the house.

  • Shibi0722 - Painful to watch.

    This movie has no redeeming qualities. It was sheer torture to watch as much as I did to give it a fair rating. It is an underdeveloped, badly written story that was poorly acted and produced. It felt like every cliché line that was ever written was randomly thrown in to the dialogue. With regards to the acting, the actors spoke their lines like it was a cold reading, expressed no emotion, posed in every overdone comic book pose, and rolled through action scenes like it was their first time doing the scene. The sound quality was awful. There were scenes where the sets made to much noise, background music competed with actors speaking, and scenes where one actor would be horribly voiced over while others still contained ambient noises. Every scene and dialog was clippy in that it felt like no logic was used to smooth the transition or contribute to the plot. This whole movie felt like a rough outline with barely suggested lines. The plot "angels falling to earth becoming vampires" as a writing prompt could prove valuable but won't help this movie.