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Dieta e Beleza - Dicas para Emagrecer - Dicas para Emagrecer com Dietas, Shakes, Suplementos, Exercícios e outras dicas de Beleza para a mulher moderna

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    I got this product as a sample from pinchme. Received two that I could use 4 times. I am 36 and have recently been having foot pain right in my arch next to my heal. I figured what better place to test this out. I used it per the directions. Rubbed it into the area and I have to say that it helped. Now was it completely gone..no but it was much easier to walk and stretch the area out so that the pain did go away. I really like how it didn't smell like a pain relief cream. Often they smell super minty. I sometimes get burning sensation in the same area and it worked for that too. And it was great for useing before the gym and after. Part of why my feet hurt these days is because I've gained 50lbs and need to get back at it and now I have no excuse that my feet hurt. I hope that I can get this product with prim. I actually like it.

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    The product I purchased is exactly what I needed. Great pricing! Great deal! I had no problems installing my new radiator. Thank you Amazon!

  • Ariel L. Rodriguez - Good Book!

    I just bought this book and received it in the mail a few days ago! I've read the 1st 3 chapters and it is really easy to understand! I like how they gave many examples of Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Snack ideas!!! I also liked how the book has a list of high protein and High carbs. I definitly recommend this book!


    The first and most expensive machine they now sell at NuFace was purchased a few months ago. After using it about 3 times, it would no longer charge. I returned it and they sent me another. Now I have used it about 3 more times and it won't charge again with the charger, so it's useless. I liked the old product much better than the new one. At least it didn't go dead with no way to recharge it. The old product worked and never gave me any trouble for years other than a change of batter.