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Kamloops Naturopathic Clinic - Kamloops Naturopathic Clinic - Dr. Steven Jones, Dr. Tracy Levins, ND. We are a general family practice concerned with treating all members of the family with health and wellness issues ranging from optimizing well being and longevity to treatment of acute and chronic disease.

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  • Berto - Does not disappoint

    The campaign is extremely short, but if you buy BF games for the campaign you're in the wrong train.

  • Sara - He fell in love with it and taking it away was really hard

    After seeing the reviews. I had gotten one for granddaughter for Christmas and it is weird the goodnight is the morning. But it works. My grandson saw it and now I have to get him one. He fell in love with it and taking it away was really hard. He just started watching Harry the bunny and I didn't think he like it as much as he did. The wires scare me in the back of the bunny because the kids can get into it.

  • M. Kovarik - Linux (mostly) Compatible

    Installed Ubuntu 16.04. Everything seems to work, including Bluetooth and resuming from a suspended state.

  • James J. Clay Jr. - Great Detector for Kids and Adults!

    The White's Coinmaster Pro metal detector can't be beat when it comes to the lightness of weight, ease of use and long battery life. This is the metal detector I purchased to surprise my youngest daughter with - she was 7 years old at the time of purchase. She did require some assistance with the assembly - assembling the telescoping shaft & search coil and connecting the cable. And don't forget to put in the batteries. There is a very short learning curve to be up and running. In no time at all, she was finding old toys, square nails and coins of more recent mintage in the yard of our 169 year old house. She has very quickly become proficient in its use and where to search with it. Her favorite place to finds coins is on school playgrounds under and near the playground equipment. I cannot speak to White's customer service or service department as I have never had a need to be in contact with them. The Coinmaster Pro uses AA batteries. Gone are the days of not having enough 9-volt batteries around because they got used in the smoke detectors. Combine the Coinmaster Pro with a White's Bullseye pin pointer and you've got a very affordable set of treasure hunting tools.

  • Karen - Book is biased against moderate and leftist colleges and students

    The authors of this book implemented a red light, yellow light, green light system supposedly for the purpose of rating tolerance on college campuses. Generally speaking, liberal colleges receive the red or yellow light designations, while conservative schools receive green light designations. Even left-leaning colleges and universities known to be very academically focused schools where students do not have time for political activism do not necessarily receive green lights. A whole host of conservative schools (SMU, BYU, and Baylor University, to name a few) that are well-known to be intolerant of liberalism are "awarded" green lights. How can you possibly justify awarding a green light for "tolerance" to a school such as BYU that kicked an athlete who admitted to pre-marital sex off the team?