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Dorr Arthritis Institute | Orthopedic Surgeons Los Angeles CA - Dorr Arthritis Institute services include knee replacement, hip replacement and arthritis research, treatment in Los Angeles. Check to know other services info.

  • http://www.dorrarthritisinstitute.org/multimedia.html Multimedia Patient Education | Hip and Knee Replacement Los Angeles - Click on the links to view Multimedia Patient Education videos on knee and hip conditions, Dorr Institute performs hip & knee surgeries in Los Angeles CA.
  • http://www.dorrarthritisinstitute.org/anterior-posterior-approach-total-hip-replacement.html Anterior Vs Posterior Approach for Total Hip Replacement - Lawrence D Dorr, M.D. - Orthopaedic hip knee shoulder surgery post operative care - learn more on TED usage, diet options, exercise and other post operative surgery care related info that can help in faster recovery.
  • http://www.dorrarthritisinstitute.org/ourphysicians.html Physicians Los Angeles | Dorr Arthritis Institute | Orthopedic Surgeons - Check the links to know experienced physicians information at Dorr Arthritis Institute in Los Angeles CA.
  • http://www.dorrarthritisinstitute.org/seminars_events.html Total Hip Knee Replacement, Arthroscopic Surgery, Dorr Institute for Arthritis Research, California - Total Hip Knee Replacement, computer assisted surgery and knee arthroscopy is performed by Dorr Orthopedic Institute, California. Navigate to know more on seminars, same day surgery for total hip arthroplasty, revision surgery and rehabilitation treatment for THR.
  • http://www.dorrarthritisinstitute.org/feedback.html Arthroscopic Surgery, Total Hip and Knee Replacement, Orthopedic Pain Management, Foot and Ankle Surgery, , Dorr Institute, California - Arthroscopic surgery and total joint (hip and knee) replacement are the major services of orthopedic surgeons at Dorr Orthopedic Institute, California. Navigate to know more on foot and ankle surgery, shoulder joint arthroplasty, revision knee replacement and trauma management.
  • http://www.dorrarthritisinstitute.org/contact_us.html Contact Us | Dorr Arthritis Institute Los Angeles CA | Joint Replacement - Dorr Arthritis Institute offers orthopedic services like knee and hip replacement in Los Angeles CA. For all appointments please call 323-442-5762.

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