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  • http://www.downtowndelraybeach.com/parking Parking | Downtown Delray Beach - One of the wonderful things about our “Village by the Sea” is that you can actually walk around the downtown easily after parking your car or bicycle or avail yourself of our Free Downtown Roundabout shuttle service.
  • http://www.downtowndelraybeach.com/explore/arts-culture Arts & Culture | Downtown Delray Beach - Downtown Delray Beach, long known for its eclectic community and vibrant atmosphere, has become a cultural mecca. Renowned works of art adorn fine galleries and unique shops abound. The many art festivals and theater performances are a few favorites among visitors and locals alike. Our First Friday Art Walks invite you to explore the heart and soul of our art scene on the First Friday of every month. The center of arts & entertainment in Downtown Delray Beach, Old School Square's historic campus includes the Crest Theatre (c. 1925), Cornell Art Museum (c. 1913), Fieldhouse (c. 1925), Pavilion and Creative Arts School. Visit Downtown Delray Beach to see one-of-a kind art, musical perfomances, cultural attractions and the talented people that make up this award-winning arts town.
  • http://www.downtowndelraybeach.com/explore/fun-everyone Fun For Everyone | Downtown Delray Beach - Downtown Delray Beach, well-known for its social community and vibrant atmosphere, has become a shopping, dining, wellness and cultural mecca. Locals and visitors can enjoy our award-winning beaches, a bustling Downtown, a dynamic nightlife and a rich cultural heritage. See one-of-a kind art, musical performances, cultural attractions, or experience family fun, activities and events, like the Downtown Delray First Friday Art Walk where you can explore the heart and soul of our art scene on the First Friday of every month. From the historic museums and the yacht cruises, to the bike rentals, miniature golf, and eclectic eateries, there is truly something for every palate and every pocket.
  • http://www.downtowndelraybeach.com/parks-and-recreation Parks and Nature | Downtown Delray Beach - The City of Delray Beach maintains five athletic fields, five beach and oceanfront parks, eight community parks and two intracoastal parks offering a variety of recreational activities and facilities. We encourage you to experience our parks while visiting, living or doing business in our All-American City.

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  • Harmonious Avenger - Ugly as Sin but Works

    First the good: Studio 2012 runs WAY faster than 2010 (which I found unusable). Also, like 2010 you can put editor windows out of the main frame which is a huge productivity boost for large projects.

  • Wayne Wallace - Great car cover

    Great car cover, fits like a glove and covers the whole car, even the wheels. I really like that it has pockets for the mirrors. Keeps car cool in direct sunshine and dry when its raining.

  • Jim in California - A Different Use Than Intended -

    I got a new propane grill with three burners. One burner will supply enough heat to cook with the lid closed and many recipes suggest you move your roast or chicken to another part of the grill after searing. I use this pan as a drip tray sitting on top of the other two unused burners. Hey, it works. Stainless is also less apt to be damaged and is easy to clean (don't use aluminum).