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Klinik Dr. Rocky - Health and Beauty Community - Klinik Dr. Rocky: KLINIK UMUM, AKUPUNKTUR & KECANTIKAN : Selain untuk Inner Beauty, akupunktur kecantikan dapat pula digunakan untuk pengontrolan berat badan, dengan kata lain akupunktur dapat menurunkan/menaikkan berat badan.

  • https://www.dr-rocky.com/index.php/about-us/perizinan Aspek Perizinan dan Medikolegal Kami - Untuk mendukung operasional Klinik Dr. Rocky, kami melengkapi diri dengan berbagai perizinan yang dikeluarkan oleh instansi yang berwenang sesuai dengan peraturan perundang-undangan yang berlaku.
  • https://www.dr-rocky.com/index.php/about-us/cara-ke-klinik-kami Cara Anda Ke Klinik Kami - Ada banyak cara menuju Klinik kami yang beralamat di Jl. Bintara Raya No.11-A Kelurahan Bintara / Jaka Sampurna, Kecamatan Bekasi Barat, KOTA BEKASI.
  • https://www.dr-rocky.com/index.php/about-us/jenis-pelayanan/our-services Jenis Pelayanan - -Pengobatan Umum -Laboratorium Digital -Elekrokardiografi -Akupunktur Kesehatan -Akupunktur Infrared -Akupunkter Elektro -Akupunktur Kecantikan -Akupu...
  • https://www.dr-rocky.com/index.php/home-1 Klinik Dr. Deddy - Klinik Kesehatan Saluran Cerna dan Hati Anak - KESEHATAN anak adalah dambaan setiap orang tua, anak yang sehat dan cerdas telah dimulai sejak dalam kandungan hingga menjadi dewasa muda. Untuk itulah kita sebagai orang tua harus memiliki pengetahuan yang luas tentang tumbuh kembang anak.Informasi tentang anak dapat diperoleh dengan berbagai cara salah satunya melalui media ini
  • https://www.dr-rocky.com/index.php/faq F.A.Q. - Pertanyaan-pertanyaan Sekitar Akupunktur Apakah Akupunktur Itu ? Akupunktur (Bahasa Inggris: Acupuncture; Bahasa Latin: acus, "jarum" (kata benda), da...
  • https://www.dr-rocky.com/index.php/about-us/item/95-selamat-datang-di-klinik-dr-rocky Selamat Datang di Klinik Dr Rocky - Teknik akupunktur kami yang Unik dan Teruji yang ditunjang dengan pilihan Harga yang Fleksibel telah menghantarkan kami menjadi salah satu Klinik Akupunktur Medis dan Klinik Kecantikan paling terdepan dan paling terkenal di wilayah Jakarta dan sekitarnya. Fakta Spektakuler tentang kami adalah, bahwa kami telah :- Memiliki lebih dari 30.000 'registered patient'- Menerima lebih dari 350.000 kunjungan pasien- Melakukan > 1.000.000 tindakan akupunktur- Menggunakan >10.000.000 Jarum Akupunktur

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  • bburke - Product Smells Bad

    I purchased this product because my hairdresser said I had a lot of "buildup" on the back of my scalp from years of product use and perhaps from water problems in my home (i.e., hard water, water overly treated by the city - a horrible problem where I live). The salon recommended this product along with the shampoo & conditioner. I put this product on before bed and could not sleep! The smell gave me a migraine within the 5 minutes it was on my head, gave the bed a horrendous stink, and drove my partner to the bedroom on the opposite side of the house (no kidding). I am sure not everyone would react to the smell of this product as I did but I do think it is an unusually unflattering fragrance. I hope other users sense of smell is not as sensitive as mine and you have better luck with the product. Much luck to all! :)

  • Clara J. - A real health boon

    The black seed oil (black cumin oil) works quite rapidly to detox (one may get Herxheimer's reaction, which means one feels worse before one feels better), help one sleep soundly and awake refreshed, and give great energy. We are pretty healthy folks, so we have not seen a lot of other difference, but suspect that it is doing good things. Also, we have not been taking it very long, only a week.

  • simone - I'm Steamed

    When I bought my Haan 2 years ago, ALL of the Amazon reviews were 5 star reviews--hundreds of them. I used my haan for two years, periodically cleaning carpet or hardwood. All told, I used it twice on my bathroom tile, probably 10 to 15 times on the carpet (single floor pf my small house), and maybe 10 times on my hardwood (single story). This machine was used lightly and gently. I always followed the directions. I always swept or vacuumed first.

  • Susanmarie - Great microfiber towel for use at the gym

    I like to use a full-size towel at the gym but hate how much space one takes in my gym bag. This is the perfect solution for me. Seems well made.

  • DanC - Very good book with a strong female lead character

    I enjoyed this book and was pleased with a strong female lead. I enjoyed she was vulnerable at the start and grew over time. The plot was solid, the character development moved along nicely. I look forward to the next chapter in this story.