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Plantation Broward County Florida Ob/Gyn - FEMCARE Obstetrics & Gynecology - Serving South Florida since 1992, FEMCARE offers comprehensive obstetrics and gynecology for women of all ages. Ask about Botox and Skin Care.

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  • http://www.drbassobgyn.com/Site/InOfficeTubalLigationHerOption/tabid/18036/Default.aspx In Office Tubal Ligation (Her Option), Endometrial Ablation - Plantation, Broward County, Florida - Don't let heavy periods slow you down. Learn more about Her Option cryoablation therapy available in Plantation, Broward County, FL.
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  • Aron Graham - Distilled Lady Gaga - Beautiful, Honest, Compelling

    If “Lady Gaga” is meat dresses, little monsters, a David Bowie-like androgyny, radical individualism bordering on the extreme, and relatively impersonal “club music,” then this album should not bear her name.

  • Kawai Ibrao - Absolute great buy!

    I love this stroller! At first I couldn't decide between this and the g-luxe. What it really came down to was what did I want out of an umbrella stroller? I wanted something light, compact, and easy but I wanted it to be sturdy (I didnt want a little toy doll stroller that I see so many people pushing their kids in!). Yes the reclining seat is a great feature on the luxe but I didn't want to lug around an extra 5 lbs just for that. I already have a travel system stroller and the whole point of me getting an umbrella stroller was to cut down on the size and weight of that thing. I love this stroller, it's totally worth it, and I'm so glad I bought it. It's now my every day stroller and my travel system stroller is at my parents house so that when they watch my son they have something to use.

  • Jennifer Howen - Fourth version of QuickBooks that I have worked with - constantly improving

    This is the fourth version of QuickBooks that I have worked with. Intuit is user friendly and easy to work with.

  • WSonNY - Great protection. As easy as it can get to install a screen protector.

    Excellent fit. As easy as it can get to install a screen protector. The suction cup helps a great deal. The included items all serve a purpose. Glass actually feels smoother than the glass on the Shield tablet. The SP's rounded edges also helps reduce the sharpness of the edges of the tablet. Not sure if it was necessary to have the notch for the senor (I have a Galaxy Tab S w/ a glass SP and it does not have cut outs for the sensor w/ no adverse effects) as it is essentially the only way you can tell there is a SP on it.

  • Fremar - Love it really works for me.

    This product really seems to be working, the eye teeth were really bad and I can see it is starting to remove a lot of tartar. I did finally remember to take pictures of the before, just to see for myself if it really works..I used petzlife before and for some reason it seemed to stop working so I had to change brands and I am glad I did. I purchased it on Sept 2, 2014 again. I previously bought a 2ounce one at a local store which cost 6.99. So the trial one worked it is why I ordered a 4 ounce bottle this one was only 8.99 and I got a free dental chew with it a nice surprise. I have not brushed her teeth like I should and will start doing so..I put the gel right on the bad eye tooth at night when she is tired and resting Lucy is 9 years old I will not put her under for teeth cleaning, way too dangerous.