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Miguel Gonzalez MD - Miguel Gonzalez MD is a fully modern integrative medical clinic in Thousand Oaks utilizing hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Lyme disease experts, chronic illness,

  • https://www.drgonzalezmd.com/services/ Services - Miguel Gonzalez MD Thousand Oaks - Founded in 1989, the medical practice of Miguel Gonzalez MD Thousand Oaks is a full service medical facility providing integrative medical care, hyperbaric
  • https://www.drgonzalezmd.com/services/lyme-disease-treatment/ Miguel Gonzalez MD Lyme Disease Expert - Miguel Gonzalez MD lyme disease expert, has successfully treated thousands of patients with Lyme Disease to return to leading full, productive healthy lives
  • https://www.drgonzalezmd.com/hyperbaric-oxygen-therapy/ Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy - Miguel Gonzalez MD - Dr. Gonzalez operates a full suite of hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers in his Thousand Oaks, California office. For more information, call 805-497-7508
  • https://www.drgonzalezmd.com/hyperbaric-oxygen-therapy/hyperbaric-chamber-rental/ Hyperbaric Chamber Rental - Miguel Gonzalez MD - Not located near our office? Interested in renting a chamber for home? We can arrange a hyperbaric chamber rental for your home! Hyperbaric chamber rental
  • https://www.drgonzalezmd.com/services/i-v-vitamin-therapy/ Intravenous Vitamin Therapy - Miguel Gonzalez MD - We offer IV Vitamin C, Glutathione and Myer's Cocktail (Vitamin B-12)IV Vitamin C TherapyThere is much research regarding the use of vitamin C (ascorbic aci
  • https://www.drgonzalezmd.com/services/the-detox-diet/ The Detox Diet - Miguel Gonzalez MD - Want to lose up to 40 pounds per month SAFELY? Do you want to keep it off? The Detox Diet is the answer you have been looking for to lose weight safely and
  • https://www.drgonzalezmd.com/services/the-listening-program/ The Listening Program - Miguel Gonzalez MD - The Listening ProgramĀ® (TLP) by Advanced Brain Technologies is a music listening method, personalized to improve brain fitness at any age or level of ability.
  • https://www.drgonzalezmd.com/services/ondamed/ Ondamed (PEMF) - Miguel Gonzalez MD - Ondamed is based on Chinese medical theory of meridians (highways of energy), which run through various organs and when blocked in certain areas can cause..
  • https://www.drgonzalezmd.com/services/cymatherapy/ Cymatherapy - Miguel Gonzalez MD - Our office now uses this Cymatherapy technology including AMI Facial Rejuvenation and patients are amazed at the results!
  • https://www.drgonzalezmd.com/services/bemer-physical-vascular-therapy/ BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy - Miguel Gonzalez MD - BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy uses a scientifically proven method to transmit stimulation signals to the precapillary arterioles and postcapillary venole
  • https://www.drgonzalezmd.com/services/infrared-light-therapy/ Infrared Light Therapy - Miguel Gonzalez MD - Infrared light therapy releases the healing power of nitric oxide by means of infrared wavelengths of light. When infrared LED light therapy is delivered to
  • https://www.drgonzalezmd.com/services/evox/ EVOX - Miguel Gonzalez MD - The EVOX experience opens you to new ways of seeing things. This therapy is available at Dr. Gonzalez's Thousand Oaks office, 805-497-7508
  • https://www.drgonzalezmd.com/zytoscan/ ZYTO Scan - Miguel Gonzalez MD - "How can I ask my body?" you may be thinking. Well, it is not that hard because a company named ZYTO has developed a system to do just that...
  • https://www.drgonzalezmd.com/services/supplements/ Supplements - Miguel Gonzalez MD - Dr Gonzalez MD make only the highest quality supplements available at his online webstore. All the same products he recommends to his own patients are now...
  • https://www.drgonzalezmd.com/services/bioidentical-hormone-replacement-therapy/ BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy - Miguel Gonzalez MD - Dr. Gonzalez has successfully treated scores of women by utilizing his experience with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.
  • https://www.drgonzalezmd.com/services/testosterone-replacement/ Testosterone Replacement - Miguel Gonzalez MD - All of our testosterone replacement patients are recommended to take the screening questionnaire as well as undergo lab tests to determine their current....
  • https://www.drgonzalezmd.com/the-team/ The Team - Dr Gonzalez MD - Get to know the Team at Dr Gonzalez MD in Thousand Oaks, California. We are a dedicated group of health care professionals whose mission is to partner with
  • https://www.drgonzalezmd.com/dr-miguel-gonzalez-md/ Miguel Gonzalez, MD, FACP, FCCP - Miguel Gonzalez MD - Miguel Gonzalez MD double board certified in Internal Medicine & Pulmonary Diseases realized long ago that the successful treatment of chronic illness
  • https://www.drgonzalezmd.com/new-patients/ New Patients - Miguel Gonzalez MD - We are passionately committed to partnering with patients who value their health and put themselves first. Choosing to live a healthy lifestyle and take con
  • https://www.drgonzalezmd.com/patient-testimonials/ Patient Testimonials - Miguel Gonzalez MD - Take a look at some patient testimonials from the office of Miguel Gonzalez, MD. Each of these people started their journey to renewed vitality and you can..
  • https://www.drgonzalezmd.com/tools/ Tools - Miguel Gonzalez MD - The resource page for all the tools Dr Gonzalez has used in his own practice recommending to his patients for years. These tools are an invaluable resource..

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  • Good girl - Love Mary Kay

    I have used Mary Kay for at least 25 years! Very pleased with the results! I will continue to use it!

  • Robert B. Killian - and I have come to absolutely hate it. The straps and buckle are incredibly difficult ...

    I bought this seat from a local boutique, and I have come to absolutely hate it. The straps and buckle are incredibly difficult to adjust, and I can't really get a proper fit. We've re-read the manual, have re-installed the seat, etc., but we cannot figure out why the straps won't adjust properly. I ended up going back to my Orbit toddler car seat, which has its own issues, but at least I could strap my son in properly.

  • Wally - Silk Skin

    Really helps clear my skin, prevents bumps and undo 3 years of Sun damage especially in my forehead area.

  • Mary Ann - Natrol Tonalin CLA 1200 mg, 90 softgels

    This is my second month taking this. I stopped taking the green bean coffee bean pill with svetol because it did nothing for me. I take this right before I eat. I lost 2 lbs last week. I did nothing different. So I hope the trend continues helping me lose some weight. I do some kind of exercise everyday.

  • Alex Pordes - but I felt compelled to review it on Amazon because it's so amazing. The FM Transmitter in this thing works amazingly ...

    I purchased this product elsewhere, but I felt compelled to review it on Amazon because it's so amazing. The FM Transmitter in this thing works amazingly with little to no static or interference, once you find a suitable channel to use. The app which pairs with this device is simple and easy to use. I've tested the connection with my Galaxy S7 and it works flawlessly. I've used Hulu, Youtube, Music, etc. as it sends audio on any application. I've also tested this device for phone calls and it works great. I had some concerns that the mic volume would be low, but the callers on the other end didn't complain when I tested it in my 2004 Infiniti FX35. I was disappointed that this didn't work in my 2015 Honda, but it already has bluetooth.

  • Omsboy - Superb TV

    This TV is soooo good. I'm seeing details my 720p TV was hiding from me. The speakers just beat any speakers I have ever owned. The bass is loud and clear, movies have never been this intense, at least not on my former TVs. I am 101% satisfied, yes I said it. The setup was also extremely easy. I use it for both my Macbook Pro and my PS4 and switching between those two is really easy. For me, it's a no brainer, this TV rocks!! One of the best things I have ever bought. Buy it!!

  • J. Parker - Caused my first allergic reaction ever!

    I received a sample of LivRelief from PINCHme. I had high hopes and applied to my very stiff neck, but didn't notice any major pain relief immediately after use. It was odorless and didn't have any annoying tingling sensation. It had a nice texture, and the lotion soaked into my skin easily with no greasy feeling. Unfortunately, I woke up the morning after using it with a rash/ hives all over my body. From my scalp to my feet, I was covered in a red, itchy rash. I have NEVER had an allergic reaction to ANYTHING before. After a trip to the Dr., some steroids and antihistamines, I was fine. Needless to say, I won't be purchasing this product in the future. I give it 1.5 stars due to being odorless and having a non greasy feel.