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  • http://www.drharryfisch.com/its-not-just-women-who-can-be-infertile-microsurgical-varicocelectomy/ It’s Not Just Women Who Can Be Infertile - Mens Health TopicsMens Health Topics - If you and your partner are struggling to conceive, you should explore all possible reasons. For microsurgical varicocelectomy services call 212-879-0800.
  • http://www.drharryfisch.com/men-choose-life-without-children/ Why some men choose a life without children? - Mens Health TopicsMens Health Topics - Discover why some men prefer a life without children. Contact a Vasectomy and Vasectomy Reversal Dr. New York calling Dr. Harry Fisch at (212) 879-0800.
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  • http://www.drharryfisch.com/why-mens-health-needs-you-3/ Men's Health Needs YouMens Health Topics - As a urologist who has dedicated his life to men’s health issues, I am amazed at the response I get when I tell someone that every year more men are diagnosed with prostate cancer than women are diagnosed with breast cancer.

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  • G Man - Great Shaving Cream for Shaving Cream Aficionados

    If you want the best, then, this shaving cream is one of them! It will lather like nobody's business. The scent of lavender is intoxicating. Too bad I have since switched to shaving soaps. I like shaving soaps because supposedly they provide you with a closer shave.

  • LoveAtlanta - Great little callus remover

    This callus remover is great!! I was shopping and almost bought the more expensive nationally advertised one and decided to give this one a try based on reviews. I'm glad I did - I saved $10 and have a little machine that works just as I hoped it would. It is so easy to run over your feel and the improvement is immediate - just add some lotion and your feet are smooth as silk. Use it at bed time and add a pair of socks and the results are really good. Glad I made this purchase.

  • Amazon Customer - I couldn't put it down...

    I loved this book. The author did such a good job of describing the events so well that I got a very real sense of what I was reading which made me feel more invested in the outcome. I highly recommend this book, but I strongly suggest reading the full series because Latricia Welch always ties in past events into her current books and it will help readers understand elements of the characters that may not be explicitly explained, for example understanding Renee's feelings for Briggy has greater meaning if you know what their relationship was like before. I gave this book 4 stars instead of five for some spelling errors and story inconsistencies, such as a fact being revealed to a character and him being surprised by the information although another character had already told him the same information earlier in the story. Despite, that this book is a winner and I cannot wait for the next installment of The Medlov Family. Great job, Mrs. Welch.

  • Deb Davis Hudak - Great IF you can get it going.

    This works great IF you can get it lighted. I always have my little red charcoal fuel stick combo as a back-up...which never fails me! IF you can get the Zippo to start, it'll get things very warm - almost too hot if you don't use the little sash it comes with. Excellent if you can get it lighted and stay going. Gave it 3 stars because of the lighting.

  • E. Taylor - Enough with lists of bad decisions inspired by MS advertising

    I just read Brian Geiger's review and the MS Social Team's response. I logged onto amazon with the purpose of checking out Office 2013, I am currently using 2010. I once was suckered into Office 365 for a netbook, never again. Clouds usually signal a coming storm, cloud computing is certainly well named. Enough with lists of bad decisions inspired by MS advertising. The reason I chose to post on a product that I was going to buy but chose not to buy. The MS team's posted reply, to Mr. Geiger's very specific complaints; was the most offensive piece of garbage I've ever seen come out of a corporate entity. If you've ever seen someone hold up three fingers and say read between the lines you understand the gist of Microsoft's reply. If that's their attitude, why bother to reply at all? Do they really think anyone will click on the links?

  • Amazon Customer - awesome

    I highly recommend this book. I was greatly challenged by the moving life examples of individuals who chose to walk a simple life with God through their choice. Those are what are etched in my mind and what I am using to encourage me to declutter my soul...!