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  • Marietta - Not for me

    Not quite what I was looking for. I download movies and TV shows for my grandchildren. This app is a great app, but just not for us.

  • angelo - Awesome shoes!!!

    They are great shoes and I like that they are high top and give me ankle support when dancing have tried then once but so far so good.

  • Amazon Customer - No Screen Protector Needed

    I bought a commuter for my iPhone 6 two years ago. Worked great. Never lost shap or shown signs of deterioration. I recently popped it off and gave it to my niece, as I am getting 7 in a couple days. During that couple years my screen my have gotten a few scratches but it is hardly noticeable and looks a lot better than those screen protectors.

  • Billy24 - Wow. This Even Worked in Southern California.

    In an area where it's very hard to get grass to grow without spending a fortune on water, this grass just grew beautifully. My yard is a gorgeous, deep green - and is in stark contrast to the burned out, pale-looking Bermuda grass on the rest of my street. Highly recommend.

  • Miguel Gonzalez A - It captures every movement with great detail.

    My little brother and his friends use this digital video camera to record their Parkour traces, it’s really great they tape every time they meet and watch afterwards all the movements trying to study to make them better and improve their skills, the cam is really awesome thanks to the 720p HD digital video recording they can take each and every movement with great detail and if they need they can also take pictures, sometimes I go and help them taking the cam to record and I love all the functions and features on this it’s a pretty cool cam.

  • Amazon Customer - I loved this book and cannot wait to continue this new ...

    I loved this book and cannot wait to continue this new series. I am an avid Shade follower and this series is very different from what Bella has done before. The series is called The Gender Game but it is nothing like the hunger games so please do not prejudge this book. I fell in love with Violet and Viggo and want to learn so much more from them. This story could very well be our future.

  • Darcey Y. Derosa - Kinky curly custard- the most awesome product ever!

    This stuff is the best curl defining product ever! I only needed to use a little to get the effects I wanted. I am no longer a product junkie, going from one product to the next. I give this product the highest amount of stars I can. I will continue buying this product and knot today with it.