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Drug Crazy: How We Got Into This Mess & How We Can Get Out - Drug Crazy dramatically and in stark detail exposes the truths of the futility of our Nation's self-destructive drug war over the past 80 years.

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  • A great audio companion to the print version... - A great audio companion to the print version...

    Jim Collins does a great job of reading this book. His style helps make this a strong one-two punch if you already have the book. If you don't have the book, buy the audio to hear the passion Mr. Collins obviously has for this topic. It seems jaded to say "everything you've heard about business leadership is wrong", but Jim has the data to support that supposition. Every executive should read -- and listen -- to this book... So should the people who work for them. If you've already suffered through the cartoonish "Who moved my Cheese?" or scary near-fascism of "Execution: The Art of Getting Things Done", this book/audio is a breath of fresh air! Well-worth it's best-selling ranking!

  • Seebs - Download was great.

    It's QuickBooks. What can you say. I needed it for my small business and downloading it was half as expensive as buying the physical version or getting it directly from Intuit. I'm by no means a Quickbooks expert, but it tracks everything I need to track for my business and my accountant likes the data I send him. Downloading and installing was easy.

  • Nik007 - Good feel and good fit

    These are my go to shoes. Very comfortable. Did not need any break in time. The sole is soft enough to be easy on the heels and at the same time firm so that u don't feel like u are bouncing on the road.

  • Bill Reuter - Just finished the 2nd day happy with the results

    Just finished the 2nd day happy with the results. I've used this product years ago. Kind of forgot about it . But decided to give it a try again and I just reordered 2 more bottles so I would have some on hand.Pricing seems funny last week I paid over $25.00 for 2 bottles now A week later I paid A little over $21.00.