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  • Quality review - Solid kitchen staple, gluten free

    This was a fantastic buy in early 2013 at $16.00 plus a couple for shipping. Great tasting products, as close to home-made as you can get, and gluten free! I hope the current price of $29.00 drops to make it affordable again.

  • J. Smiley - Keeps skin Hydrated!

    I have very dry skin and if you use this along with the other products it really keeps my face from drying up. I really recommend it for anyone looking for a natural solution. :-)

  • david - My boyfriend and I both use it almost daily.

    I am one of those many crazy people who like to watch the cyst, boil, pimple popping videos. I can be on YouTube for hours watching videos like that. My boyfriend is the opposite. He is totally grossed out by it. He would not even get a pimple on me if I asked him to. However just like me he loves this product. It helps remove white and black heads quick and painlessly. Before meeting me almost 3 years ago he never heard of a such things as a pimple extractor. Before getting this product I only had the one. Now I have 5 and couldn't love it more. It makes getting pimples of all sizes super easy. The pimples come out super easy when using the right size extractor. It also makes it painless because you no longer have to constantly squeeze your pimple trying to get it out. I recommend this to everyone. Especially teenagers or anyone prone to acne. I do reviews for Amazon products like this one in return for a discount. However I don't do reviews for the discount. I do them because like most people, before I buy a product I like to read what others feel and think about the product. It helps decide on whether the product is what I  looking for and whether or not it is worth the price. So never in my reviews will I be anything but honest. I work hard for my money and I hate wasting it on things that don't work or aren't as described.

  • David B - Easy read, great for beginners and anyone looking for a refresher.

    This book is very easy to read and explains investing in common language. It can be easly picked up and read in small chunks or all at once. It starts from very, very beginning of investing, explaining what stocks and the market are, going up into covering advanced strategy and theories. Perfect for a beginner or someone already investing looking for more of a foundation. 5 Stars all around.

  • Lovedogs - Soft as silk

    You get a lot for your money. This is the softest serum I have ever used. It feels like your applying silk to your face.

  • Ambre P - Amusing and Fun Disaster flick

    Yes the science isn't perfect, but its fun and doesn't pretend to be something from PBS or science channel. While much of the science is fringe, the danger of being near Yellowstone is not exaggerated as we are overdue for a volcanic eruption from it- which is why I live in extreme SE Arizona and no nearer.