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  • CW22 - Only for water loss, not fat loss!

    I lost 5 lbs of water & was starving on this program. I have since then switched to a vegan protein shake in the am & 2 small veggie mels w fish or chicken & lost more lbs on.my own.

  • KEITH BALENTINE - Waste of Money

    don't waste your money... does not work... false claims is what this product is all about.. customer service does not exist...

  • Wayne Tibbit - Love it! Here is a hint for Echo owners

    The new Echo compatibility works very well and allows grouping controllers under a single group name. I just set up three controllers and now I can say "Alexa, turn on the living room lights" and viola, they're on! Much easier than finding each lamp's on/off switch on a cord behind a piece of furniture. I can also schedule them to turn on and off when we're away from home.

  • tiffany - pissed

    We bought a 42" seiki 5 months ago and it was fine until today. My 2 yr old and my self were sitting on the bed watching mickey mouse and the picture just went out. I called customer service (because we can't return it to kmart where we bought it) and they say to unplug it for 3 hours to reset it. Did that and nothing still. Tried to call customer service back and was put on hold for over an hour and a half. I do not recommend this brand. It has lots of bad reviews. So now I'm out $350 and a tv. Thanks a lot seiki.

  • Heather - Great price for food-based multivitamin for teens

    My 12-year-old daughter recently decided to try eliminating meat (beef & pork, and eventually poultry) from her diet, and as part of my agreement to support her I requested that she incorporate a multivitamin into her daily eating plan. She has celiac disease which means she is very strictly 100% gluten-free by necessity; I needed to make sure anything she would be taking fell into that category. I also wanted to find a multivitamin to support her rapidly growing body; she's been going through a pre-pubescent growth spurt these past few months and was starting to develop some mild acne on her nose and forehead even though I taught her to wash her face daily over a year ago.

  • GigiSez - Best Manuka Honey on the Market

    I have tried several brands of organic Manuka honey and Wedderspoon is absolutely the best tasting, best texture and I feel the most beneficial in terms of settling my stomach and acid reflux. Yes, it is expensive, but the price on Amazon is a lot cheaper than retail stores I've seen.