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  • Tracedia Amerson - I love it. It does wonders for my hair

    I love it. It does wonders for my hair. I would definitely recommend it to a friend. My order number 3200.

  • A.K. - ... stellar reviews and in hopes that it would be good for my vision

    I purchased this product based on the products stellar reviews and in hopes that it would be good for my vision. However, after checking the ingredients, I found out that this product has way too much Vitamin A at 500% of the daily recommended value it is just too high for anyone. According to WebMd, "High doses of vitamin A have been associated with birth defects, lower bone density, and liver problems." In addition,today I found out that the vast majority of the reviews for this product are fake thru a website called Fakespot which can check whether or not product reviews are real. Fakespot, detected that 77% of the reviews for this product are "inauthentic or low quality reviews. It is too late for me to request a refund from Amazon, but I wanted to share my findings with everyone!

  • Earl Wallace - Great Buy!!!

    Great buy. Saved a lot of money by getting through you. Dealer programmed it and cut the key. If I lose it again, I'll be back.

  • PJS_review - Great shoe, but not wide enough for 6E

    Impossible to find really wide shoes, but I gave this a chance. Wear a 13 / 6e in new balance gym sneakers. Ordered a 48 wide, but they were tight enough that I couldn't hope they would loosen up enough so returned them. In retrospect, I probably should have tried the shimano triathlon shoes, as they are more forgiving. Ended up getting a Lake triathlon shoe, in 48 wide.

  • E.C.B. - California Basics Vacuum Space Saver Bags work great! This product was delivered well packaged and on ...

    California Basics Vacuum Space Saver Bags work great! This product was delivered well packaged and on time. It contains COMPLETE 15 COUNT VARIETY PACK: (1) 35" x 48" Jumbo Size Seal Storage Space Saver Bags, (3) 26.5" x 39.5" XL Space Saver Bags, (4) 21.5" x 33.5" Large Vacuum Bags, (4) 18" x 22.5" Medium Size Space Saver Bags, (2) 18" x 22.5" Suitcase Medium Travel Roll Up Garment Bag, (1) 13.5" x 19.5" Suitcase Small Travel Roll Up Bag.

  • Christa Amari - It works for women, too!

    There aren’t many hair growth products out there that market to women, so I was very happy to see that this product offered directions for ladies as well. I followed the suggestion for women to dilute this half and half with water. After two months this has not only stopped me from losing more hair, but has actually produced new hair growth. I am impressed and very pleased with the progress this is helping me make against hair loss.

  • Myopia123 - Pitiful , pit face in Pittsburgh

    To my continuing great dismay I have excessively oily and acne prone skin and as such part of my daily skincare routine involves treating problem areas on my face with a small dab of tea tree oil. While this liquid smells likes the tree teal oil I have purchased in the past using it has not bought me any desirable results. I am disappointed and in the future will just opt to purchase my tree tea oil directly from the health foods store. Consider this a warning.