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Dr. Velthuis Blog | Nieuws op medisch cosmetisch vakgebied - Dr. Peter Velthuis is de naamgever en medisch directeur van de Velthuis Kliniek en blogt voor iedereen met interesse voor medisch cosmetisch behandelingen

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  • J. Eden - Seller Refurbished?

    For all intent and purposes Arris / Motorola make fine modems............Bar none they far surpass most of the competition. I've been in the business of networking, streaming, building etc....................forever. The SBG6580 is a fine piece of equipment when bought NEW.

  • Amazon Customer - I would give 100 stars if I could

    Don't buy a tablet for the name. Apple and Mac is overrated has so expensive for cheap product just because of the name. Asus had amazing products and this is one of them. The color, picture quality, and system is amazing.

  • chai - Helpful so far. Need to stick to it.

    There is a workbook that you use along with the CDs. Definitely need both parents involved in both listening to the CDs and the workbook. Didn't change my child's attitude immediately but has helped.

  • Felicia Parsons - the lotion does provide a GREAT DARK tan

    After reading all the other reviews I was concerned with the "coffee" smell of this lotion.. and it definitely does have a coffee scent..but not overpowering or lingering.. the lotion does provide a GREAT DARK tan! However the downside is it REALLY dried out my skin. I was so dry and for weeks. not just a day or two. so I had to discontinue use of this product. :-(

  • M. Nance - Works but may not give you what you're looking for

    I HATE MOPPING. Mopping is definitely my least favorite job. It really isn't all that much trouble to sweep the floor, then grab a mop, run some hot water into the sink and mop the floor; however, I just hate doing it. So when I saw this, I thought this would be a device that would take all that work and put it into one unit and everything would just be gravy. Not so much.

  • Laura Gordon - Works strangely and oh the dreams

    I've tried it several times and had similar results with each. It helps me get to sleep initially, but then I wake up at around 2 am and am restless for about an hour. I then go back to sleep and have extremely vivid and somewhat scary dreams.

  • A wonderful, genre-busting sound - A wonderful, genre-busting sound

    I would consider myself to be a Massive freak. I attended their concert tour, I have posters on my wall, and I own a T-shirt and jacket with "MASSIVE ATTACK" emblazeoned on it. Naturally, I will rave about this album.