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William Tuffin- Community-based Ecotourism Consultant - Sustainable Ecotourism consultancy based on 12 years of participatory development work and 8 years of sustainable tourism development

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  • Joyce Kammeyer - Deceptive advertising

    The YES hair remover was advertised as an affordable alternative to a "NO NO", when in fact it turned out to be just a cheap shaver with some LED's. I feel mislead by deceptive and slick advertising.

  • Jon Anthony McRae - Game did not not work with Android phone (Samsung Galaxy) ...

    Game did not not work with Android phone (Samsung Galaxy). Manufacturers should state on box which phones work with game vs advising you to purchase a Kinect to make game work. Amazon very quick to give refund. Frustration firmly with makers of the game.

  • KLMN - A fast and good read.

    I had no idea a Amazon had series books. I figured the price was right, so why not read this one. I'm glad I did. th e book is well written and a fa st fun read. I found myself drawn into the tale and very quickly came to care about the stories of Rina, Alem and Tosh. The only drawback is waiting for the next installment!

  • Malea - Beyond amazing.

    I absolutely love this. I have been looking at it for quite some time to fix, hack, and modify different items I have. What finally influenced me to purchase it was that my Bose earbuds were starting to get frayed where the wire goes into the plastic housing on the earbud. These are not cheap headphones, so I wasn't willing to just let them go to waste. After watching several different "how to" videos, I was confident that I could adequately repair my headphones. As it turns out, I was absolutely right! One mini pack was enough to reinforce the earbud cord on three sets of headphones and both ends of two iPod charging cables. I then used half of another pack to replace the rubber bumpers that had been pulled off of my Kindle protective case (by fidgety children). The remainder of that pack and an additional mini pack were used to create bumpers for two iPods. Even after all of that, I still have five mini packs left! That works out to those repairs costing just over seven US dollars. I've seen many people complain about the cost, but that's one heck of a deal, to me! I'm actually purchasing a second set of eight mini packs to repair the CV boot on my car. Anyone who can't find things to do with this product is sorely lacking in imagination! :)

  • Barbara Joseph - Dr. Denese advanced firming facial pads

    I am so happy to have found this product line. I highly recommend her products without reservation!!

  • Melinda - It won't load, either shipment.

    I had this sent twice and both times it would not load. The second time I tried on three different computers. I really wanted this software. After all, Hallmark are the card people, but I will move on to a different brand. I think they should look into a new company making the software...