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  • Renona Montgomery - I really like it

    Nicely done! I am already up and moving. Found i don't need all the bells and whistles of some other trackers, although they are great products. I am a true beginner, health issues and gym shy. Moov Now is super for me, as it coaches and doesn't let me get away with bad form and partial reps (dang!). Like the feedback, but would rather have dedicated daily tractivities tracking instead of scrolling through the entire months.

  • WESIII - Works!

    This stuff absolutely keeps spiders away. My problem is the warning label. Not safe for pets. Don't eat. Don't go to the bathroom. Don't chew tobacco. Really weird warnings like that. I forget the exact wording. What exactly is this stuff? Here is how most will use it. Spray it and no matter what it will by wind fall on you somehow. If you smell it you are taking it in.

  • Debbie Johnson - Fresh, crisp and delicious

    Motts apple juice is definitely one of the best tasting apple juices on the market, it is 100% all natural and tastes just like fresh apples. It doesn't have that aftertaste that some have, just a light ,crisp refreshing juice taste. Definitely recommend this juice to anyone that likes apple juice.

  • Natalie R - Better than a Coozie!

    This coozie/can cooler works amazingly. I am very particular about my mountain dew staying as cold as possible while I'm drinking it. This does a great job of insulating your beverage and also does not promote any condensation on the outside. My soda loses the fizz long before it gets near room temperature. The solid structure of the can cooler is also nice compared to the old style foam coozies and I like that they shaped it to fit in cup holders in the car. It's not too bulky and the can fits snugly inside. They did a nice job designing the screw top that has a rubber lip to keep the can secure. Your lip still touches it a bit so it's weird for the first few sips but after that I no longer noticed it.

  • Amazon Customer - Does not work!

    I have had success with nasal pumps including Vick's Sinex and Afrin No-Drip Severe Congestion. One might assume that approximately the same product by the same brand would be equally effective. This product does not live up to the claim that it keeps nasal passages clear for 12 hours because that would imply that it is effective at all.

  • Amazon Customer - Poor Performance

    I am switching from Microsoft Money Plus Deluxe due to Microsoft dropping the program. I would advise you to keep looking! It has taken me three days/approximately 20 hours to get my MSMoney converted to Quicken. I am not an expert, but I am definitely no rooky to computers/software. I used MSMoney for 10+ years. I had to sit through multiple online chats with someone from a foreign land who didn't listen to me or respond with answers to the questions I posed. Finally, I INDIRECTLY figured out how to get MSMoney data into Quicken. The online chat was not helpful, and the help articles gave me multiple ways of completing the conversion. Quicken advertises an easy conversion from MSMoney. This could not be further from the truth. Now, I find out that I can't track my online banking with Quicken. Since my bank does not pay to participate with Quicken, I can neither manually or automatically download my transactions from the online bank site as I've done for 10+ years with MSMoney. I contacted the bank, who believed their information worked with Quicken and offers a method for downloading to Quicken. I'm told by Quicken, several times through the online chat, that I have to get the bank to sign up with them, or I won't be able to download anything to the Quicken program. Their is no way of downloading into or outside/import of Quicken unless your bank participates... I've wasted the purchase price of Quicken, I'm continuing to look for something that works. I can't tell you how the program works, since I'm not going any further with a terrible headache. I wish I could give the program a MINUS 5 Star. Keep looking and good luck!