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  • S. Lindsay - Great cover!

    I bought this great looking cover for my partner's 2013 F-150 FX4 as a gift. It installs easily and fits perfect.

  • alloysius - Best investment you for your kitchen you could ever make

    Cutco is without a doubt the best investment you could ever make for your kitchen. I have to say that some of the prices on Amazon are higher than from the manufacturer, so beware of that and do comparison shopping. They are forever guarantee-performance, sharpness, misuse-abuse, and if you purchase directly from Cutco, 15-day money back. I love my Cutco. The handle fits any size hand. You won't slip on them. They're incredibly safe, comfortable, and classy and very competitively priced. No other knives hold a candle to them. I've compared them to many high quality knives, and none come close. These are great! A+!

  • Ananda Morningstar - Advent Calendar 4428

    I love this calendar, but my four year old was too young for it. He could build the pieces, but prefers to build free-style. He also snuck out of bed early one morning and opened most of the pieces half way through the month. I will get this again, probably next year, but my sone was too young for the product this year. My only complaint would be the multiple day pieces. Each cell should contain a complete figure or scene. Building half a sled at a time just doesn't make sense.

  • Shirley Hawley - Worked but can't afford

    Did work for me but the cost is more than I could afford so I have to find something that is affordable.

  • tp58 - Got the fever

    Just what I needed for a three year old. Works well and easy to use. I bought this on a promotion offer and am very happy with my purchase.