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  • SeraphimBooks - Don't buy this software

    Purchased the antivirus for two computers. Worst decision I have made regarding software. Completely destroyed one PC and brought the blue screen on windows 8. Wasn't able to log in and had to reformat to initial settings. Second PC had no internet connection even after I uninstalled the software. Played with internet settings for over 2 hrs until I restored.

  • Shuliza Albert-Joseph - Good stuff

    It rid bacteria and virus on any surface. For example, it is great for cuts and skin inflammation, however it leaves a visual scar. The smell is a bit to high. Besides that its great and I think every household should have it in their first aid kit.

  • Robert Wilson - Great for de-badging

    I used this to remove residual glues after de-badging my Tacoma worked great and did not damage the paint at all. This is a must have for your garage, so many uses.

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    Once you've identified Candida Albicans as the monster that is ruining your sinuses, you must monitor your environment to eliminate mold, and watch your diet carefully to avoid ALL yeast and fermented products. This is the road to recovery, but adding Threelac to your regimen daily really speeds up the healing process. I went from chronic debilitating sinus illness, punctuated with horrendous painful episodes of being unable to breathe, to a somewhat normal state of health in under two weeks with Threelac. Threelac seems to work with your immune system to overcome the Candida and helps your body resist the effects of environmental pollutants. Use Threelac and say goodbye to nasal inhailers, antihistamines, antibiotics. It's natural and it's safe.