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ETS Coignard plaquiste, plaquiste isolation Angers - Ets Coignard est une société de fabrication de cloison séche spécialisé dans la platrerie des établissements publics

  • http://www.ets-coignard.com/realisations.php Réalisations travaux isolation platrerie Angers ETS Coignard - Découvrez nos réalisations de platrerie dans de Lycée Chevrollier à Angers, CHU Sainte Marie à Angers, Clinique de L'Anjou et Village Sante Trelaze et Théâtre Le Quai à Angers
  • http://www.ets-coignard.com/recrutement.php ETS Coignard recute sur Angers et Nantes - L'entreprise Ets Coignard recherhe des collaborateurs, offre de poste de conducteur de travaux et plaquiste sur Nantes et Angers
  • http://www.ets-coignard.com/contact.php Contactez ETS Coignard au 02 41 96 93 00 - ETS COIGNARD 6 Route de Confluence ZAC de Beuzon 49000 ECOUFLANT Tél: 02 41 96 93 00 - [email protected]

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  • Kitchen goddess - Stick with topical flea and tick

    I am not a fan of flea and tick meds as they are essentially poisoning the kidneys and livers of dogs, but they are a necessary evil. I used frontline topical flea and tick meds on my dogs for years and have yet to have a problem with them. I decided to try these flea and tick collars out at the advice of my vet. My dog developed alopecia immediately ( within a week of putting the collar on her) on her tail and her personality has changed. As a vet student myself, I just don't feel that enough research has been done with these collars. That being said, any dog can potentially have a reaction to ANY medicine. This is an individual situation. I will be switching back to topical for now.

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    I am very pleased with this shade and the fit and quality are very good. Prompt shipping and well worth the money.

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