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Country:, Europe, ES

City: -3.684 , Spain

  • Brian Watkins - Great deck

    This is a legit deck. I have used it several times and it can hold up on its own against other customized decks. The deck is aggressive in making players draw and using sorcery/instants to its advantage. Its fun to play with.

  • A. Lindsey - Have to have it, but wish I didn't

    I have used Quickbooks for my business for years. It gets the job done, but I drives me crazy. Every update has new glitches and usually the same ones, too. They make changes, but I wouldn't call them improvements. I just want it to work well. I have had many problems with the memorization feature not working correctly. The new calendar feature is too small and just simply isn't functional for me. I am very frustrated by the tiny scrollbar and X buttons. They are so small, that I have to pay special attention to use them, and therefore, its much less intuitive. I have been wishing they would make a window closing feature for the "Open Windows" list, so you can right click and close the window from there, instead of having to go all the way over to the X button. Its 2013 and they still haven't done it. This seems like an obvious improvement to me. There are so very many frustrations with Quickbooks, it would take me all night. As I said, it gets the basic job done, but leaves MUCH to be desired. The customer services is ridiculously unhelpful. Which seems to be by design.

  • Robert DiGangi - This product in no way shape or form represents what ...

    This product in no way shape or form represents what is shown in the ads and on television. Do not bother wasting your money go to your local hardware store and purchase regular grass seed, it will outperform this product by far