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  • Lynnae C - Costly, but it works!!!

    I really enjoyed beyond TT. I could really feel the difference within only a few days. My energy, flexibility and memory came back. I felt upbeat and stayed in a good mood. It's a bit costly for me right now, so I haven't ordered another TT yet. I can feel difference my fatigue is back, brain fog and when I exercise that flexibility is not there anymore; I can feel it when I stretch my legs.

  • marygoldon - I love this treatment

    I love this treatment! Yes it's pricey but it is different and special. I first found it when I paid $50+ for a "heavy condition" treatment at Ulta Salon. A little went a long way, so I have bought for myself for yes I use a lot more. It is like wax that warms in your hands to melt n then your rub on hair n scalp. Was glad to find on Amazon. It is safety sealed under cap! It melts so keep it upright and in a cool place!

  • I love my Gazelle! - I love my Gazelle!

    The machine is fun to use and very quiet (which is important in my little apartment). Movements feel very fluid and natural, yet it gives the body a surprisingly good workout. I can really feel it in my arms, legs, and sides. I chose the Edge Glider because of cost and portability. It doesn't have pistons for added resistance like some other models, but I was just looking for something that could induce walking/running motion. For more of a workout, I just run faster or longer, or use a longer stride. And I like the fact that I can fold the unit up and stash it behind a door or in a closet when company arrives. It is rather cumbersome to move, though, so I usually keep it out where I'm encouraged to use it regularly. All in all, a good deal for a useful and sturdy machine. I'm very happy with the purchase.

  • Nicole Westervelt - Doesn't match all the skin tones

    I purchased this product because of all the hype about how it matches to your skin tone and so after reading so many good reviews I brought the product and all it does is make my fair skin look orange! So i don't recommend this product to anyone with fair skin because it didn't work for me.

  • Kochergal - If you like the Aveda calming tea, read this review!

    I bought this tea because I love the Aveda calming tea, and several of the reviews said it was very similar. I was also concerned because several reviews said the mint was way too strong. The directions say to steep the tea for 5-10 minutes. If you do that, you will get a VERY strong mint flavor and it is overwhelming (not like the tea from the salon). I tried it twice, once I left it about 10 minutes and the second I left it at least 5 minutes (possibly more). So I tried it again but only let it steep for about 3 minutes and it is MUCH better. The flavor is more mild and the flavors meld together better. I might even try it a little less (maybe two minutes) as I really like more subtle tea. Obviously you can't beat the price, and if you play around with the times, you will get something similar to the Aveda calming tea for a much better price.

  • Pen Name - Productive sweeper

    I bought this item mainly for an apartment kitchen and bathroom. It does the job very well. However the downside is that clothes for the sweeper is expensive. I used 2 high end quality tissues attached to the sweeper head for every I sweep the floor in stead of microfibre or whatever. The sweeper sold by Amazon can be dismantled into 4 parts which is the thing that I am most interested. The one sold by Walmart doesn't do it. So Amazon sweeper is mobile and you can take it to anywhere you want.

  • meghan - Potent vitamin- well worth the money!

    I have tried every vitamin and supplement and diet out their....organic, natural everything...while natural living is the best I think...these are the only vitamins combined with a healthy diet make me have more energy and feel well. I have spent hundreds a month on supplements and they never came close to how these make me noticeably feel. They are by far the most potent vitamin in my book. Thank you for a vitamin I can trust to do its job!