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  • http://www.everyoungspa.com/facial.html EveryYoung Spa - Services Facials - Treat yourself to the ultimate in relaxation, while refreshing and rejuvenating your skin. All facials include a skin analysis, deep pore cleansing, enzyme exfoliation, oxygenating aromatherapy steam, extractions (if needed), a relaxing face, decoltte (chest) neck and shoulder massage, custom masque, toner, moisturizer and spf protection. This treatment will help your skin to look its best. All facials are customized by the Esthetician to meet your skin's specific needs

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  • Cathy M. - Great for my fine oily hair too!

    I read so many great reviews and decided to try it though it seemed a lot were reviews from people w thick hair and I'm so glad I did. Leaves my hair silky but fuller than any shampoo I've ever used and stays clean for several days! My daughter noticed my hair looked better, no frizzies and full. She tried it and ordered her own bottle within an hour of using it!

  • Sandy - Single Best Purchase I Have Ever Made

    This Waterpik is the best product I have ever bought. I was told that I had periodontal disease around a tooth and had a pocket that measured at least a "9." A referral to a periodontist was made. I was told that for about $1,000 I could have the problem taken care of, but that the procedure would also leave me sensitive to hot and cold. I bought a Waterpik because I didn't want to spent the money I didn't have, take the antibiotics required for the surgery, and then be sensitive to hot and cold for (maybe) ever. I wanted to see if I could "get away" with postponing the inevitable until I could save up the cash. I used the product religiously twice a day. In a few days I noticed a difference in my mouth, and in a month a significant difference, so significant I decided to give the Waterpik an even longer trial before having surgery. After using the product for 10 months without missing a day, at my last cleaning I was told that the measurements around the same tooth that was a "9" now measure a "3." The Waterpik worked miracles for me. I've never spent a better $60. I am not sure the Waterpik would do the same for anyone else, but honestly combined with daily brushing & flossing, I have the healthiest mouth I have ever had in my life. I recommend this product highly to absolutely everyone. A lot of products promise a lot of things, but this one that made very modest promises, delivered beyond my wildest expectations.

  • Happy Quicken Willmaker User - Willmaker was great. I didn't need to avoid probate

    I'm in my mid 40's with a husband and two kids. All my property is in joint ownership with my husband or held in retirement and securities accounts where I have named a beneficiary to inherit with no probate. In short I need a will (plus a healthcare directive) and got it from Quicken Willmaker at a very reasonable price. Since I didn't need a living trust, I didn't miss it. Having read the information on probate avoidance in Nolo's legal encyclopedia it appears that law changes in the last decade mean that few people really need a living trust! But I'll leave that to you.

  • Sandra T. Kelley - Introduced at my beauty salon

    I first purchased this through my hair dresser. I thought the cost was too much but loved the product. Absolutely, delighted to find it on amazon. This really conditions my hair after shampooing with a minimum of product. My hair is silky, shiny, and healthy with 12 Benefits Hair Treatment.