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Veterinarian in Medford, NJ | Feline Animal Hospital & Clinic - Exclusively Cats is a premier cats-only veterinarian in Medford, NJ. Our animal hospital and clinic is feline friendly and dedicated to extraordinary care.

  • http://www.exclusivelycatsnj.com/medical-services/index.php Feline Medical Services in Medford, NJ | Exclusively Cats - We provide a wide variety of feline medical services here at Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital in Medford, NJ including wellness care & general surgery.
  • http://www.exclusivelycatsnj.com/medical-services/feline-wellness-care.php Feline Wellness Care Medford, NJ | Annual Preventive Exams - Our custom wellness care include annual feline preventive care exams to ensure early detection of potential health problems. We recommend once a year exams.
  • http://www.exclusivelycatsnj.com/medical-services/general-surgery.php Feline Veterinary Surgery & Surgical Procedures in Medford, NJ - Safety is our number one concern during any feline veterinary surgical procedure. Procedures range from spay and neuter to dental cleanings and biopsies.
  • http://www.exclusivelycatsnj.com/medical-services/veterinary-diagnostics.php Feline Medicine and Veterinary Diagnostics in Medford, NJ - Cats have unique health needs. We are a cat-only practice that has the ability to focus on feline medicine. We handle blood work, parasite checks and more.
  • http://www.exclusivelycatsnj.com/medical-services/dental-services.php Feline Dental Care in Medford, NJ | Cat Oral Hygiene - More than half of adult cats over the age of three have some type of dental disease. Schedule your preventive feline dental care and tooth cleaning today.
  • http://www.exclusivelycatsnj.com/behavioral-services/index.php Feline Behavioral Counseling in Medford, NJ | Cat Counselor - Learn what your cat is saying and thinking with feline behavioral counseling. We can help you fix common behavioral problems and offer plenty of resources.
  • http://www.exclusivelycatsnj.com/attentive-boarding/index.php Feline and Cat Boarding in Medford, NJ | Exclusively Cats - Exclusively Cats in Medford, NJ offers attentive feline boarding. We only board cats so your cat will never be bothered by dogs. Schedule at 609-953-0100.
  • http://www.exclusivelycatsnj.com/cat-health/index.php Kitten, Adult and Senior Cat Health Services in South Jersey - We have the knowledge and experience to help you enjoy a lifetime of wellness with your feline friend in South Jersey. Read about the care we offer to cats.
  • http://www.exclusivelycatsnj.com/cat-health/just-for-kittens.php Kitten Health Care Exams & Nutrition | Kitten Microchipping - Get your new family member off to a great start with our kitten care services. We provide tons of advice about what to expect in your felines first years.
  • http://www.exclusivelycatsnj.com/cat-health/senior-cats.php Senior Cat Health Care Exams | Cat Diabetes Symptoms - Help your cat enjoy their senior years with annual preventive care exams. You will learn about cat diabetes symptoms and how to help with feline arthritis.
  • http://www.exclusivelycatsnj.com/referrals-and-consultation/index.php Feline Veterinary Referrals & Consultations in South Jersey - We provide a range of cat referrals and consultation services at Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital in South Jersey. Call 609-953–0100 to schedule today.
  • http://www.exclusivelycatsnj.com/resources/index.php Resources | Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital - Here are some resources and helpful cat care information that will compliment the advice you received during your visit. Ask your vet for additional info.
  • http://www.exclusivelycatsnj.com/links/index.php Helpful Links | Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital - Follow these helpful web links to all types of helpful feline resources from multiple cat tips to kitten care advice and feline arthritis recommendations.
  • http://www.exclusivelycatsnj.com/resources/what-our-clients-are-saying.php What Our Clients Are Saying | Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital - Read what people are saying about Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital and read through their reviews. Call at 609-953-0100 with any questions or comments.
  • http://www.exclusivelycatsnj.com/reviews/index.php Customer Reviews | Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital - Its easy to leave a review about your past service with us. Visit our page today to see how others have liked our services in the past. Review us today!
  • http://www.exclusivelycatsnj.com/new-clients/index.php New Clients | Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital - View some useful information for new clients of Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital. See accepted forms of payment and exactly what to bring on your visit.
  • http://www.exclusivelycatsnj.com/about-us/index.php About Us | Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital - Founded in 1994 by Dr. Nancy Dunkle, Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital is a feline friendly environment. We are staffed by people who love all cats.
  • http://www.exclusivelycatsnj.com/about-us/nancy-j-dunkle-dvm.php Nancy J Dunkle | Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital - Dr. Nancy Dunkle graduated veterinary school in 1987 as has been practicing feline medicine ever since. Dr. Dunkle strives to provide quality feline care.
  • http://www.exclusivelycatsnj.com/about-us/veterinary-staff.php Veterinary Staff | Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital - Meet the staff you will be working with here at Exclusively Cats Vet Hospital. Our staff brings a wealth of knowledge & are cross-trained for maximum care.
  • http://www.exclusivelycatsnj.com/about-us/hospital-tour.php Hospital Tour | Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital - Take a quick tour of Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital. You will find images of our staff and facilities that will be serving your feline friend.
  • http://www.exclusivelycatsnj.com/news/index.php News & Events | Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital - If you would like more information about our services, please take a few minutes and check us out. If there is something you are interested in, contact us.
  • http://www.exclusivelycatsnj.com/contact-us/index.php Contact Us | Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital - If you would like to contact Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital, please either fill out the contact form or reach us directly at 609-953-0100.
  • http://www.exclusivelycatsnj.com/contact-us/emergencies.php After Hours Emergency Cat Care | Exclusively Cats - If you have a pet emergency after hours we recommend that you contact either the Animal Emergency Service of South Jersey or Matthew Ryan Vet Hospital.

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  • SchoenbachN - Love. Love. Love.

    I suffer from severe keratosis pilaris on my arms. Commonly referred to as "chicken skin" by dermatologists. There are many otc and prescription creams you can use for this, but it's expensive, and invasive, and filled with all kinds of sterioids and chemicals.

  • jim hendler - This is a fake "Knox " Box

    The town wanted a "Knox box" for the fire dept to gain entry in to my building with a key in side this box. I searched on line for a Knox box and this Eagle made box appears. It seemed to fit what the town required. I was wrong. The box is not a "Knox Box" made only by the Knox company. This Knox box has a special code key that the local fire dept gives to you on a knox order sheet. The sheet is signed by a fire offical. This gives the knox company the code for the key to the box that only the local fire company has. The real Knox box cost about 225.00 and up. dont be fooled by price and buy this fake

  • Dominique - Great

    This product took about two weeks to arrive. Product was great. It comes actually the way it is displayed on the site. I was very pleased with it.

  • Daniel J. Mandli - Excellent Rain Jacket

    The Marmot Precip is a great rain jacket. Have worn it in a couple decent rains for hours and it has kept me bone dry as well as my goretex coat. The jacket is very light and at times, I do not even know I have it on. Not sure how it would hold up under the strain of a pack and heavy duty hiking, but I bought it more as a casual rain coat. So far I am extremely pleased with the Precip. The price was also too hard to pass up!

  • Goo Goo - Super Strong Staying Power

    I have this pair of gladiator sandals that I love and wear often. Unfortunately, one of them broke. Instead of throwing them out, I decided to buy some Gorilla Glue. I applied the glue and then let the shoe sit, untouched, for 24 hours. Guess what? Problem solved! I saved my shoe and it only cost a few dollars to fix (applying the glue took all of a minute).