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  • Kari G. - Amazing Results!!

    After using these supplements for a little while, it has proven to be an effective supplement to aid in weight loss (when combined with a healthy diet and exercise). I seem to feel satisfied with meals sooner and don't feel hungry as often. I also feel like I have more energy and stamina when I work out. When I've tried other stimulant diet pills in the past, I always felt like my heart was racing and I was very jittery, and I also usually had a headache. I haven't had any of those problems with NutriChem Labs NATURES BURN fat burner pill supplements. I also feel better knowing that this supplement is more natural.

  • C.Strawn - Finally a good game to play

    So far I've been enjoying the game. No real issues on launch but I am hoping that they fine tune some of the game mechanics (specifically how the "RPG" needs a surface to prop onto). After buying a few crap titles like no mans sky and division I was reluctant to pick it up but I'm actually glad I did.

  • Jason - Inexpensive part that can keep you from having to replace your entire dishwasher!

    My dishwasher had about 1/2 inch of water left in the bottom after all of the cycles completed and the "Clean" light was indicating that the dishes were done. I saw a video on youtube that explained how you take the strainer cover out of the back and inspect the piston and nut assembly. If you take yours out and it's worn away, this is the part that you want to replace. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-MuHqEmX7E

  • C. Ness - Satisfied so far. Seem like a thrifty alternative to Yakima or Thule.

    I have purchased Yakima rack systems for six vehicles over the last 26 years. Do the math at $400+ per custom fit. Thought it would be worth giving these a try. Construction seems typical of Yakima or Thule but engineering was much simpler. Installation was simple, and took under 10 minutes per bar. Instead of pulling the rubber strip up as the instructions state, or pulling it out completely, just slide it about 5 inches to access the two bolts on one side. Install that side, then slide it the other way to expose the bolts on the opposite side. Don't force the end caps - they have a specific fit.

  • Alex - Good.

    It was an alright game, controls some what clunky. One reason I purchased it was to keep my FIFA world cup games collection up to date.

  • megHs_a_mom - Gives that lovely baby smell!

    I love the smell of this Aveeno baby wash. I find that it doesn't seem to bother my 6 month old's eyes and as an add on product to my purchase, it was a GREAT price for the amount of body wash I received. I would definitely order it again!!

  • James P. Menghi - Great, Easy install, flawless

    These crossbars installed easily. I lacked a torc wrench, but found a knowledgeable person who helped finish the installation. The worked flawlessly on a long trip, at very high speeds with cross winds.