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  • Jacob Soerens - Finally a good amp at a friendly price

    This amp is a great performer at an unbelievable price. I would never pay more for a car audio amp, it's just a matter of how much money you would want to throw down the toilet by purchasing a more expensive amp at the same power rating. I have my DVC sub wired in parallel for a 1 ohm load and it handles it no problem.

  • Paula Schnirch - saves

    our chrysler 300 came with only one key, i have always carried a spare due to a lockout as teen. this key saved us about $65,compared to the dealer! we still had to have the dealer program the key, and cut the key, but their blank key would have cost more.

  • David Jones - Obviously A Binder For Women

    I was disappointed when this binder arrived and I found that for every 100 sheets of paper that fits in my binder for men, this binder could only hold 77. This is obviously a binder for women.