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Farpointe Data | Premium RFID Electronic Access Control Solutions - Premium RFID electronic access control solutions - including proximity, smart card, and long-range technologies - trusted by access control professionals around the world.

  • http://www.farpointedata.com/products/proximity-readers-and-credentials Proximity Readers & Credentials for Electronic Access Contol | Farpointe Data - Farpointe Data's Pyramid Series Proximity is recognized as an electronic-security benchmark for 125-kHz OEM proximity readers and credentials.
  • http://www.farpointedata.com/products/smartcard-readers-and-credentials Contactless Smart Card Readers & Credentials for Electronic Access Control | Farpointe Data - Farpointe Data's Delta Contactless Smartcard Readers and Credentials comprise an advanced radio frequency identification (RFID) solution optimized for electronic access control.
  • http://www.farpointedata.com/products/long-range-receivers-and-transmitters Long-Range Receivers & Transmitters for Electronic Access Control | Farpointe Data - Ranger Receivers and Transmitters comprise Farpointe Data's long-range radio frequency identification (RFID) solution for access control applications, offering exceptionally long-range transmissions of up to 200 ft (61 m).
  • http://www.farpointedata.com/products/rugged-readers Vandal-Resistant Readers | Farpointe Data - Farpointe offers a variety of vandal- and bullet-resistant readers for the most demanding access control environments.
  • http://www.farpointedata.com/products/oem-modules OEM Modules | Farpointe Data - Farpointe offers a variety of vandal- and bullet-resistant readers for the most demanding access control environments. In addition, Farpointe offers OEM modules that easily integrate to a variety of third-party applications.

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  • Amazon Customer - Thicker eyebrows

    It is easy to use. I don't even need a mirror. My brows have lightened and thinned as i have aged and this product is going to thicken and darken hopefully. I try to use it 2-3 times a day.

  • Scott - Long time Wood Toilet Seat Made In China user, First time reviewer

    When I ran a search for information on wood toilet seats made in China, I was excited and amazed to discover "The 2009-2014 Outlook for Wood Toilet Seats in Greater China" was available on Amazon! In a lifelong search for the perfect wood toilet seat made in China, my knowledge on the subject was limited to physical practicality, comfort, and price. How was I to know that an entire intricate industry, nay, a vital segment of the macroeconomic world market, was dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of wood toilet seats made in China? At an incredibly inexpensive $495 a copy, I find this to be a "Must Read" and I am recommending it to all of my friends!

  • L Williams - Hate it!!!

    All I want to do is download from my bank account and the new program won't do it. I had to add the same account again to get the download. Of course qb doesn't realize it's a duplicate account but the download transaction button appears but it still won't download. Says try again later or closes qb. This POS! is costing me so much time. I Freaking Hate it. This is my 3rd time I have been forced to update quickbooks so I can download from my bank and this is unbelievably bad. I was also forced to sign up online and give a bunch of information about my company to proceed.

  • BuyBuyBuy - Good book overall

    Good book overall...a lot of is pretty much common sense stuff, but a lot of times we forget common sense. :)

  • T. Franklin - Ready to try Sibelius I guess

    I've been using Finale 2014 quite extensively and let me tell you this thing has a lot of problems. Frequent crashes, cursor disappearing, instrument sounds completely silent until refreshed and that's just the beginning of the frustration. I'm a musician/teacher and a pretty patient guy but I honestly wish I hadn't upgraded. I may be checking out Sibelius in the near future because I'm tired of the ridiculous amount of inconsistencies. Seems to me even though it's 2015, Finale 2014 isn't quite ready for regular use until they squash a whole lot of bugs.

  • Shayna Renee's Spicy Reads - A beautiful and SEXY romantic comedy, brimming with heat, hope, and tons of heart!

    R.S. Grey is an author that I absolutely ADORE! I have so much faith in her work, that I don’t need any information about her books before I purchase them. She never EVER disappoints and always gives her readers exactly what they never knew they wanted. A PLACE IN THE SUN is just another example of that fact. This beautiful and sexy romantic comedy is brimming with heat, hope, and tons of heart! Grey delivers a romance so vivid and so passionate, you have no choice but to immerse your whole self into the story. A woman looking for love. A man so desperate to never love again. When their worlds collide, there is nothing to stop their walls from crumbling down. Get your passports ready ladies, R.S. Grey takes us on a beautiful journey to Vernazza, Italy where you will fall in love with the sights and the company.

  • Moondoggie - It really works and inexpensive.

    I love the feel of the moisturizer, the scent is pleasant, and does a wonderful job on the face and neck area...It may not be for everyone especially for one who has very sensitive skin; but I don't find any harshness in anyway..."For all skin types."