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  • scapEY - Usability, Performance, Looks

    I have been using Visual Studio since VS 2008. I have used a LOT of IDE's in Linux, Windows and OS-X. But no IDE has ever managed to even come close to the debug capabilities of VS. With VS12, MS has set a new standard in terms of usability both for the pro user and the just-starting-student.

  • Slvrscoobie - Very fun! You'll be quoting it to your friends all the time, saying things like, Did you know....

    This book is So much fun to read. Great on airplanes or hotel rooms. Get lost in it for a few hours at a time. One fact leads to the next and before you know it youve covered half the book! If you like trivia or 'interesting' facts, this book is a great read!!

  • J. Vining - Its Quickbooks Pro

    Other than a graphics interface update, its still just good ol' QuickBooks. I'm a CPA and have every windows version of QBooks since QBooks 99. The basic functionality is still the same. You still can't post more than one A/R or A/P entry at a time, but it does manage to consume more system overhead than older versions. I bought it because of clients who use it. Otherwise I wouldn't bother with it. If you have QB 2010 - 2012 don't worry about upgrading. If you want a new graphics interface look because you're bored with the old ones - go for it.

  • MotherhoodStartsWithFAITH - Miracle for my baby girl...

    My baby is hooked on this. She would not have a regular stool without taking this every day. I first started her when she was around 2 months because she would cry when she would have a BM & this helps her having a regular BM.