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Förderderverein Chipunga - Startseite - Die Vereinsseite des Fördervereins Chipunga. Viele Entwicklungshilfepojekte scheitern leider am Unwissen der Helfenden, bzw. am mangelhaften Verständnis der lokalen Mentalität und Denkweise. Gemäss dem Prinzip Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe hat der Förderverein Chipunga vor Ort das CDC (= Chipunga Development Committee) installiert. Das CDC betreut alle unsere lokalen Projekte. Wir helfen in den Bereichen Bildung, Gesunheit und Lebensumständen

  • http://www.foerderverein.chipunga.com/projekte.htm Förderderverein Chipunga - Übersicht Projekte - Wir helfen in den Bereichen Bildung, Gesunheit und Lebensumständen. Hier gibt es den kompletten Überblick über unsere Hilfprojekte und zum weltwärts Team.
  • http://www.foerderverein.chipunga.com/letters.htm Förderderverein Chipunga - Schriftverkehr mit Malawi - Kommunikation mit unseren Partnern vor Ort ist wichtig. Hilfsmassnahmen können angefordert, das Ergebnis beschrieben und gezielt nachgefragt werden.
  • http://www.foerderverein.chipunga.com/verein.htm Förderderverein Chipunga - Über den Verein - Informationen zum Verein, Satzung, Vorstand, Mitgliedern, Mitgliedsbeiträgen unseren Versammlungen und der Spendenmöglichkeit.
  • http://www.foerderverein.chipunga.com/impressum.htm Förderderverein Chipunga - Impressum - Die rechtlicht Situation im Förderverein, Infos zur Aufsichtsbehörte, Haftungsausschluss: Inhalte, Links, Urheberrcht und Datenschutz.

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  • M. Glaves - WARNING! This cable steals souls!

    I bought this cable for my two-year-old daughter in the hopes that it would help bring her out of her shell a bit (she's very shy). Little did I know, this cable has an unexpected "feature". As soon as my daughter began to use the cable, it almost instantly stole her soul and replaced it with the soul of a perverted southeast asian pedicab driver named, "Bô Lemon". Bô will berate your parenting skills for about twenty minutes in what sounds like Thai, and then collapse exhausted into a heap, fast asleep. The manufacturer hasn't gotten back to me yet about whether or not this will be permanant, but even if not, this should have been clearly printed on the packaging, instead of in the fine print on page 44 of the user's manual.

  • SeraphimBooks - Don't buy this software

    Purchased the antivirus for two computers. Worst decision I have made regarding software. Completely destroyed one PC and brought the blue screen on windows 8. Wasn't able to log in and had to reformat to initial settings. Second PC had no internet connection even after I uninstalled the software. Played with internet settings for over 2 hrs until I restored.

  • Amazon Customer - and that has been wonderful. Likewise with the joint aches and pains

    I have been taking the 1300mg for a little over a month now. (Apparently the 1300mg is no longer available so I've just ordered the 1500mg.) I have mild (some days not so mild) diabetic neuropathy, and, as I approach late 50s, find that I have many more joint aches and pains. I am always skeptical/cautious about supplements and the touted benefits, but decided to give this a try based on a suggestion from a friend. About 2 weeks after I started taking this product I noticed a significant decrease in the neuropathy "pins & needles" in my feet and legs. Actually, I have not experience any "pins & needles" symptoms at all for the last couple weeks, and that has been wonderful. Likewise with the joint aches and pains, they have been reduced considerably. Overall I just feel better, fewer aches/pains, more alert, more energy. Maybe it's all in my head ... or maybe it really works! Either way, I plan to keep taking this for a while as I am enjoying the benefits!

  • Scott Hartley - to best enable it

    This is an important book in our increasingly data-driven, and algorithmic world. Big data, a catch phrase of the last five years, is not always the antidote. Context around data is so vitally important. Lest we consider the many sides of data and the context around the algorithms we construct to make sense out of it, we'll fall victim to an equally fallible set of outcomes. Data alone cannot save us; we must pair data and consciousness of its deficiencies, to best enable it. I found this book timely and an important contribution to the evolving debates in our digital world.