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  • Adri - Mess free and instant results

    This is exactly what I've been looking for. When I read about the benefits of charcoal on Pinterest, I immediately ordered a bottle of activated charcoal supplements on Amazon. As soon as the bottle arrived I hopped in the shower with a capsule and my toothbrush. I was soon covered in black! I had charcoal in places that have probably never even seen a speck of dirt. A quick shower took an hour to clean up. I loved the results but the process wasn't practical. When you brush with charcoal you see immediate results. When I brush with charcoal I rinse my mouth out well and then brush with tooth paste. I then swish with coconut oil for about 20 mins. The results are better than any teeth whitening treatment you could pay for.

  • DoItYourSelfer - Best cleaning product ever!

    Absolutely the best cleaning product ever! Removes grease and oils like they're water. I use it everywhere, the car (inside and out), the motorcycle, on clothes (as a pre-stain remover), walls (finger prints), floors, garage floor (oil stains), on myself (removes rubbed in grease from working on car). Cannot recommend it enough!

  • Sugar Land - Excel 2010 for Dummies

    The product is as advertised. It was immediately used by a family member to quickly learn many of the Excel Basics.

  • Amazon Customer - I am so glad I purchased this thermometer

    I am so glad I purchased this thermometer!! It is so easy, quiet, accurate and quick. You can take a child's temperature without disturbing them and believe me that is a huge plus!! I wish I would have gotten this sooner.

  • Katie - I love this stuff

    I love this stuff! I have been taking this for two years and it has made a huge difference in my body and workout. It gives me energy like never before when I take it before workouts. When I take it consistently I lose inches and weights with excising 4 days a week. It aides in burning extra calories while at rest. First time users should only take one because it will make you a bit jittery

  • Amazon Customer - Recommended;First mechanical

    Great keyboard. A little pricey but has kool lighting features. This is my first mechanical keyboard so nothing to compare it to, but it is nice.

  • Bill Reuter - Just finished the 2nd day happy with the results

    Just finished the 2nd day happy with the results. I've used this product years ago. Kind of forgot about it . But decided to give it a try again and I just reordered 2 more bottles so I would have some on hand.Pricing seems funny last week I paid over $25.00 for 2 bottles now A week later I paid A little over $21.00.