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  • Ann Bagot - PERFECT COLOR formulation for my usually difficult to match strawberry blonde/red hair!

    LOVE this hair color!. I have had my hair colored both professionally and DIY with drugstore brands. Note: I use the Semi-Permanent haircolor from eSalon. This color from eSalon performs exactly like the professional hair coloring that i had done for several years. I stopped having my hair professionally colored because it was so expensive AND I hate sitting in beauty salons for hours on end. The eSalon color lasts, it stays put, unlike drugstore color that fades. (In drug store color I also used semi-permanent). The eSalon color stays put until my roots start showing (white). The semi permanent color covers ALL of my grey. Another important feature of eSalon color: My hair is VERY unevenly grey. My bangs and the left front of my hair is nearly white, whereas the rest of my hair has grey strands distributed evenly throughout and I would say my hair is about 30% grey. The eSalon color covers my hair EVENLY whereas drugstore brands stick to the white part of my hair much more so than the rest of my hair. My hair is reddish blonde, so if I put reddish blonde color on my hair from the drugstore, I have a big spot in the left front and bangs that just soaks up the color, leaving me with a big bright spot while the rest of my hair colors normally. This has always been a huge problem for me when coloring my hair, and the eSalon color does NOT "grab" at that white area, it deposits evenly and to me this is fantastic! But the thing I love MOST about my eSalon semi permanent hair color is the COLOR; it is absolutely PERECT! It is BETTER than my professional coloring jobs that I used to have, it is better than any color I have ever used. It is like my hair as it USED to be before it started turning grey/white. I LOVE IT so much!! I have had so many compliments about the color. People who have known me for many years have remarked that my hair color is exactly like it used to be, and that is my coloring goal!! When I first ordered from eSalon, I had to complete a form about the color I have and the color I wanted. Then they requested a picture, so i sent one, and somehow, they got my hair color EXACTLY RIGHT!!! To me this is a miracle because my hair color is a little unusual, I am a strawberry blonde redhead, and they got it perfectly!! The COLOR is perfect, it covers my grey without grabbing the white hair in my "spot" in the left front, and it lasts until my roots start growing out and it is time to do it again. This is my very first Amazon review, that is how strongly I feel about my hair color from eSalon!!

  • Rob RodenParker - Great collection for kids!

    Although my daughter is 9 years old, there were stories in this collection that she absolutely loved, so it is appropriate even for tweeners. The stories are easy to read and are short enough so that they are great for bedtime, either as their bedtime reading, or when I want to read something quick to them. We just finished reading 

  • Wendell Wittler - The Ultimate Achievement from the Rand-om Corporation

    This has the potential to become one of the most controversial books ever published. After all, the whole concept of "Random Numbers" flies in the face of both the emerging religious concept of "Intelligent Design" and the scientific orthodoxy about an "Elegant Universe". And those trying to uphold the standards of morality are sure to be shocked, SHOCKED at the 100,000 Deviates the book is claiming are "Normal" (not to mention discovering that there are just as many Republicans as Democrats on the list). I expect a lot of statisticians of all philosophical stripes are going to be digging deeply into this volume and there are sure to be many challenges that a listing that begins with "10097" and "32533" is truly random. And like many of the more avant-garde works of art, it's sure to be frequently dismissed as "boring" or "for numbers geeks only". But this is the kind of book that is destined to change the world - or not; it's really a coin toss.

  • ksteph79 - Take it in the morn? Or at night?

    I have social anxiety and fears in cars... Like if I'm in the passenger seat we can be 1000 feet from another vehicle and I cringe like we are going to be in an accident... It's worse on the highway... My husband gets frustrated with me because I make him take the long way and back roads when possible to avoid the highway. So I've been looking for more natural ways to stay calm besides taking Xanax when needed. And I've tried a few other stress and anxiety relief supplements, some make me really sleepy.... And this blend confuses me because it seams like you should take it in the morning to be calm and less stressed and anxious throughout the day, but on the other hand reading reviews people say they take it at night to sleep. So I decided to play around with these on a day I had no real major things I needed to get done. So I took only 1 with my breakfast. I did feel calm and Alittle relaxed...so taking 2 would of made me really relaxed I'm thinking. And I wasn't really lazy but I didn't get much done.... For me I think it's the St. John's wart that makes me tired. Everything I've taken with St. John's wart has made me sluggish to an extent. I'm always tired and lazy so I don't need anything else to make me more tired....so then I took one at night before bed and my mind wasn't racing at night and I was able to sleep pretty well.... So my conclusion on this for myself.... I take 1 at night to be in my system as most stuff works best if you take it regularly ... Then when we are going on long car rides or I'm going to a pretty major social gathering or whatnot, then I will take one before them situations. This seams to be working for me. Everyone is different and so you would have to determine when the best time and situations would be for yourself to take them...I figured since a serving is to take 2... If I take one at night and the 2nd one as needed on a day to day basis... Then is should be good for me. The product does do what it claims, it came in the mail when promised...packaged nicely.

  • Cat Leon - Webroot Secure Anywhere

    Have been using Webroot since purchasing this computer. (2003) Can't say anything but "Great". I have had little or no problems with this. It is wonderful to know I'm in such good hands and the protection is the best. Thank you Webroot!1

  • Robin M. - Makes your hair silky soft

    I love this product. I apply it every weekend for about one half hour and it makes my hair look healthy and shiny again! A must for anyone who uses a flat iron daily.