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  • Dominique - Not worth the money

    I purchased several tubes of this product after reading great reviews elsewehere but it was not worth the money. I have recently started growing out my natural hair and have been diligent about finding products to ease the "growing pains". This product has as one of its main ingredients, mineral oil. Mineral oil is not good for my hair! I applied the product after my normal daily co-wash routine but it left a horrible white residue on my hair that took three rinses to finally get out of my hair completely. Ughh! So now I am stuck with several tubes of product I will never ever ever use again! Oh well you live and you learn!

  • Amazon Customer - great story

    My three year old son loves this story! He really thinks his daddy IS a super hero. He keeps wanting to read it over and over. Thanks for a great story that captures a child's imagination.

  • Candy - Thicker hair but not longer

    I've been using this product for a little under a month. It definitely smells interesting but not bad and that feels great in my hair. I have definitely noticed that my hair is thicker since use however I have not noticed a difference in length. I will update this review if that changes.

  • Robin Lynn Frank - An intuitive bookkeeping program.

    Peachtree Accounting has always been a runner-up to Quick Books in popularity. That said. I found it intuitive and easy to use. Not major glitches have happened in the weeks I've been using it. Correcting mistakes is straight forward. While nothing will ever make bookkeeping fun, this package will go a long way to make it less painful. I use it for three small companies and am satisfied with the results.

  • Sailaja Sunkara - Enduring the Endurance

    Due to the braveness shown by the men throughout this book, and it being a true story I gave this book a 5 because it couldn't have been written in any other way. It shows the hardships the men had to face. The details about the men's desparity to live and how they had to kill their own pack of dogs were gruesome, but show the hardships the men had to face. Alfred Lansing made the moment by moment details make the book come to life along with the seemingly doomed men. His own personal hands-on research on the ship and the voyage make it a very honest story to believe. The wind, the dampness, the bitter cold and the long months of darkness in the winter seem like more than any man should be able to stand. They slept in wet sleeping bags in sub-freezing temperature; ate unappetizing foods; and still managed to keep their hopes alive. It is only the resourcefulness of Sir Ernest and the hand of God that allows these men to avoid a certain death. These are men who went to Hell and came back alive. At the end of the book all 28 men who started on the voyage survive. This is one of those books that truly puts life into perspective. What these men went through--had to go through--simply for survival is utterly amazing and inspirational. I could not imagine any more desolate and hopeless conditions. The book speaks a lot for the endurance of the human spirit, its willingness and strength to continue on at all odds as long as a shred of hope still remains. Having the photographs from the voyage included in Alexander's book adds an important extra advantage point to the story. This is a must-read book about leadership and courage in almost incomprehensible circumstances. I have NEVER stayed up all night reading a book and admit I read for extra points in English class, but once I started, I couldn't put this one down. I was exhausted the next day from lack of sleep, but enjoyed the journey.