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    When John Pizzarelli records different song writer's whoever thay may be he OWNS THE SONG! The album is great & of course songs by Paul can't be bad.

  • Jesse Watkins - Found my keys!

    This Wallet TrackR is a device for those who always misplace their things. The device is thin and lightweight. It is small and has a sturdy aluminum exterior that helps keep it protected. I got the steel color and the package comes with instruction on how to set up and use the device. This device is compatible with iPhone 4S & later, iPad with Retina Display & later, Android 4.4 & later with Bluetooth 4.0. This product has a lot of features. It easily find items using the app distance indicator. Beep TrackR to help you find your things. The Crowd GPS updates you on your item’s location. A separation alert that reminds you before you forget your item. The battery life will last up to one year under normal use. How to use it: From your phone, download the TrackR app, just simply go to Google Play Store and search TrackR. Then turn on your phone’s Bluetooth. Open the TrackR app. It will ask for permission to locate your location. Select allow. Then select the device which is Wallet TrackR to add the device. Activate your device. Just press the button on the TrackR to activate it. The device will beep when activated. Then it will ask for the item that you want to track. Just select the icon from the choices. You may also register the device for the Crowd GPS update. This device works with my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and IPhone 6.

  • The Mouse House - I do think it works!

    I hate to say it but I do think this works for hair growth. I am a skeptic when it comes to this stuff but I think my hair grew faster after starting this. I didn't actually measure and I am NOT being given a discounted price for this review. I just had to admit I like it and would recommend it. It's a little expensive but if you are looking for something that helps, even just a little, with hair growth...give this a try.

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    I have been using Kaspersky for years on our three Dell computers and have never had any complaints. The price from Amazon.com

  • Galo Alvarez Ortiz - Interesting game but missing updates

    I decided this rating because in my opinion missing scenes and updates, but the programming of the game is interesting

  • haley.blackburn - love these so much!!

    This smell like veggies but I'm okay with that, they are big but they have no problem going down as long as you drink something with it. Hair, skin and nails are packed with antioxidants and full of vitamins. They're extremely good for you and you should take them:) I love being healthy and encouraging other to be.