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  • Dean Hallatt - Disappointed...

    We got this item for our 10 year old son to use in our heated shop to practice during the winter months. We also got the full net for him as well. Although the soft toss machine is a good concept, the construction really is poor. The plastic literally broke within the first hour of use. First the tower that the ball roll down snap easily due to the very thin construction. We were willing to accept that however front leg and one of the rear legs broke off as well. This item is very delicate and can not take any use without breaking. We might have received a poor quality one and would be love if it actually withstood some use.

  • vagabond007 - Soothing scent

    I usually enjoy calming scents such as lavender and I do have acne/blemish prone skin. I thought this would be a great idea to try this out. Unfortunately this pillowcase made me break out! I woke up with 3 new pimples that were not there the night before. I'm guessing my skin was too sensitive for the oils in this pillowcase? The scent is nice, but not really worth the price in my opinion. I ended up returning it.

  • crista goldbaum - Does not work I've been a pot smoker for a ...

    Does not work I've been a pot smoker for a year then stopped for a month to take a drug test I drank two of them one to try at home and failed my home test and second right before my actual test and still failed I'm 138lbs woman about 5 foot 6

  • StavKav - Gooooaaaal!!

    Great game to hold you over until the next World Cup in 2018! Gameplay is simple and graphics are good.

  • Bree Ann - highly recommended

    Very good book for learning strategy on how to answer questions on nclex. Lots of review/practice nclex style questions. This book is more strategy than content.

  • Antonio - Cheesy plot, great special effects!

    This is a fun movie by the same producers that brought you "Independence Day", so you know what you are getting into: cheesy plot, predictable characters, very conservative black-and-white morality... but you will have a good time with it. It is also one of the few movies that I would recommend to watch strictly on Blu-ray, since the detailed disaster special effects can only be seen on HD, and they are worth a look.