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  • Chris - Well engineered; great price

    This is a great little spy camera. I am impressed with the color in the video and pictures it takes. It also seems to do a fair job of recording audio. I still haven't tested in a group of people, so I'm wondering how the field of view will be and the angle from a shirt pocket -- we'll see.

  • Sydney Bark - FUN.

    It's a lot harder than I thought it would be.. I get tired very quick with this but it's a good workout and to have a laugh. I use the mobile contoller, which at one point I ended up accidentally throwing it across the room where it hit the wall. The mobile controller basically only detects your hand movement but it still works. If you can get Just Dance Unlimited, GET IT.

  • Samual - Would highly recommend this tool to anyone installing get recessed can lights

    So far I have cut over 30 holes perfectly with this tool. Would highly recommend this tool to anyone installing get recessed can lights.

  • phil - didn't work for me

    we have a lot of calcium in our well water used for landscaping. Thus, the landscape lighting becomes grungy after a while. Thought this would clean up the glass around the bulbs. But it did nothing.

  • Amazon Customer - Love this stuff!

    Almased helps me lose a few pounds whenever I've been overly indulgent over a weekend. I don't feel like I'm starving a couple hours after a shake and I always notice that my skin glows the next day after having a couple shakes. I really do feel more energetic when I have them for breakfast. I mix mine with milk. Sometimes with water if I'm really trying to get rid of some weight faster. I also put in apple pie spice or pumpkin pie spice for extra flavor. There is no sugar in these spices. Also, starting out with just a little liquid and stirring with a butter knife keeps it from clumping. Do that instead of just pouring all your liquid in at once.

  • J. Buss - Works great!

    Anybody with a bum liver will love these! Removes all kinds of ill feelings and other consequences (like skin rash) of compromised Liver. Some side effects when used twice without a break between uses; works great otherwise.

  • AmazonShopper - The closest to perfect stroller I've found

    I'm a bit of a stroller junkie - always looking for THE perfect stroller. Well, as we know, that likely doesn't exist . . . But WOW the Baby Jogger Pod comes really close!!! We have the jogging wheel and the stroller wheels. We do not have the trailer attachment.