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  • SueL - Don't Do It

    Major mistake, this is the worst software ever. A total waste of 24 bucks. The microsoft direct X continues to try to reinstall, I finally had to delete all traces of this software. I have an upgraded Dell XPS and it is not the computer it is definitely the software

  • Jenelle Brookins - Started working on day 2

    We adopted a stray kitten after a move to the country thinking one of our two cats had ran off and met a county grave as he was gone for 4 days when the stray kitten showed up. When he showed back up we now had three cats, a new baby (seriously, moved on Saturday and she came along on Monday) and a new home. Suddenly there were random "samples" shall we say, and we could not pin down the culprit. After an expensive vet visit (for all 3) we were at a loss. Behind the new basement bar and laundry was a preferred location and we were at the end of our rope. Finally my husband caught the kitten doing her business behind the bar and she was locked in the spare room at night. She normally did this at night (we think the more aggressive of the two original cats (he's a jerk anyway) was picking on her at night). Crazy thing is she was using the litter box while in the room, but not when subjected to the open house. We were making arrangements with a rescue to surrender her as a life in a locked room reminded me too much of "Flowers in the Attic" and not was not a great life. I realized I just couldn't do it without trying everything so I can say I had a clear conscious as she really was a sweet cat. The vet recommended these and the litter attracting powder to start in hopes the kitten would stop using behind the bar as her "safe place" and the other pee-culprit would stop. I put one of these on the main level and another behind the bar. Day 1 it didn't work, but it does say could take up to 4 weeks. Day 2, no samples behind the car and we're on around day 10. While my 6 year old is ecstatic (it was his chore to check for deposits and clean them up) I feel better that we were able to keep her. I don't have 5 stars as I'd like to see whether this works long term or once the diffuser is out if new habits have been set or if I'll have to continue buying the refills. Either way, it so far has been worth the $30 simply to cut down on my husbands complaining and daily poop reports.

  • 721trucker - From a road warriors perspective....not bad.

    I've never been much of an electric shaver kind of guy. I do have some issues with sensitivity, especially on my neck if I'm continually running blades across my face and neck, whether they be manual or electric. That being said, my experience with the Norelco 2100 wasn't bad at all.

  • J. hahn - Annoyingly painful, and not waterproof

    This is my second messenger bag and my first from Timbuk2. My first was a Chrome, which is far superior to this. If you have the money for a Chrome, get it. But I didn't have the money for one, so I got this. If it wasn't drastically on sale, and I didn't have a gift card, I would have been sorely disappointed. First because of the unwieldy quick adjustment buckle. It digs into my ribs constantly -- to the point that I took it off, and reduced the functionality of the bag. But more importantly, this bag does not adequately protect my books and electronics from the rain. I got it just to carry around my laptop and books for school. But the bag's flap does not completely cover the main compartment. As a result, water gets into the bag and my books are wet. I am disappoint.