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Hargrave Military Academy – The Premier College Preparatory Boarding School - Hargrave Military Academy is the premier college preparatory boarding school in America. Visit us to learn more about preparing your son for life after high school.

  • https://www.hargrave.edu/admissions Hargrave Admissions | Military Schools in Virginia Admissions | 800-432-2480 - Welcome to the Hargrave admissions page, please call 800-432-2480 for any questions.
  • https://www.hargrave.edu/academics Boys Boarding School - America's Premier Military Academy Academics | 800-432-2480 - Hargrave Military Academy is a premier academics driven college preparatory boarding school in Virginia. Call 800-432-2480 for information.
  • https://www.hargrave.edu/military-life Military High School – We Teach Leadership & Success | Hargrave Cadet Life - Hargrave is America's premier college preparatory boarding school. Our mission is to build achievement and success within each young man. Visit us to learn more today.
  • https://www.hargrave.edu/international-students The Premier US Military School - Hargrave Military Academy International Students | 800-432-2480 - Hargrave is America's premier college preparatory military boarding school. With students from 18 countries, our International students enjoy tremendous opportunities.
  • https://www.hargrave.edu/summer-school Military Summer Camp | Hargrave Military Summer School For Boys Summer Session - June 25 to July 24, 2016 | 800-432-2480 - Hargrave Military Academy’s summer program and camp offers both academic growth and outdoor challenges for all students. Learn more today.
  • https://www.hargrave.edu/admissions/visit/open-house-events Hargrave Military Academy Open House Events Open House Events - Hargrave Military Academy offers multiple open house events throughout the year so that you and your student can meet faculty and tour our campus.

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  • CO_Nate - Small, clear reception.

    We bought our Acadia with no antenna, so this was a perfect addition. Stations all come in crystal clear now, and install was about as easy as you would expect (simply screw it in!) It's small enough to not even notice it.

  • bigmomma - Don't waste your money on this thing

    Don't waste your money on a Roomba. When I first got mine, I was very happy with it. I didn't expect it to replace my regular vac, just wanted it to run around the house a couple of days a week to pick up dust and crumbs off the hardwood floors. It did just that for a very short time--then it just stopped caring. Now all it does it meander around kicking all the crumbs around the room and just riding over any dust or other debris without picking it up. I don't know what happened. I've cleaned it thoroughly several times. I've replaced the brushes and other parts. I keep the lint trap thing-y cleaned out. I've even read countless "how to fix it" web sites trying to figure out if there is anything else I can do to make it actually act like a vacuum again. But, nothing has worked.

  • Amazon Customer - A great New York magazine for New Yorkers

    New York Magazine is very interesting, if you live or work or frequently visit New York. Otherwise I much prefer Atlantic or Harpers.

  • El Phillips - Good buy for the price.

    I'm a recreational rider. Road raced in my teens and rode with a touring club for several years in later life. Have completed a couple dozen century rides years ago. Wanted a decent bike for one to two hour rides around my area. Diamondback is a well known name with a good reputation. The Podium 4 looked like a good mid-priced road bike. Mine arrived last week in excellent condition with all the correct gear on it. Assembly is 90% complete out of the box. After completing assembly I had to adjust the front derailleur, otherwise she was ready to roll. The bike appears to be well designed and manufactured. It rides and handles well. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quality road bike in this price range.

  • david R - Best sports athlete book ever

    I had followed Steve's career from BYU, the 49ers and to NFL analyst. I was bothered by him being a back up for years, knowing he was the best Quarterback in the league. Reading this book was a thrill for me, I mainly wanted to read the book to hear his insight into the quarterback controversy, the dynamic between him and Joe. I got a lot more out of the book, I enjoyed the stories of his uphill battle of convincing coaches that an undersized lefty quarterback could succeed. The stories about his anxiety really resonated, since I have a son with anxiety. Learning about how his concussions caused him to retire, his were a lot worse than any quarterback, because he ran more than any other quarterback. His angst about not being able to find the right girl to marry, until later in life was also interesting. I never realized how much his Mormon faith meant to him. Most people consider their religion as something they do for an hour on Sundays, to Steve it is a way of life. I knew there would not be much "dirt" or scandalous revelations, since he was a Mormon, but it would have been good to hear him rip someone he disliked. I would say the book is a good lesson about hard work, perseverance and adversity. I highly recommend this book..