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Wellness and holistic medicine from an integrative family doctor in Princeton, NJ. - Healing Oceans Family Wellness Center - providing holistic health care, integrative medicine, nutrition and lifestyle support for women, children, and families.

  • http://www.healing-oceans-family-wellness-center.com/health-hub.html Health Hub login page for Healing Oceans - Health hub, health ehub, electronic medical record, electronic health record, login
  • http://www.healing-oceans-family-wellness-center.com/doctor-holistic-medicine.html As a doctor of holistic medicine, Deborah Ginsburg MD is certified in Family Medicine and Holistic/Integrative Medicine - A doctor of holistic medicine needs an understanding of both conventional and alternative medicine, as well as the ability to integrate it all.
  • http://www.healing-oceans-family-wellness-center.com/holistic-nutritionist.html Holistic Nutritionist, Montgomery NJ, with holistic doctor. - Our holistic nutritionist works with holistic physician Dr. Deborah Ginsburg.
  • http://www.healing-oceans-family-wellness-center.com/local-events.html Local events for the Princeton holistic health community. - Local events for the Princeton holistic health community - with a healthy, organic, twist.
  • http://www.healing-oceans-family-wellness-center.com/hours.html Healing Oceans hours of operation and emergency visit availability Center - A summary of hours of operation and availability of emergency visits for Healing Oceans Family Wellness Center
  • http://www.healing-oceans-family-wellness-center.com/cancellations-and-missed-appointments.html Cancellations and Missed Appointments - Missed appointments with the doctor and late cancellations may cost you a fee. Details are here
  • http://www.healing-oceans-family-wellness-center.com/prescription-refill-policy.html Prescription Refill Policy - Our prescription refill policy is different from most other practices. Healing Oceans Family Wellness Center.
  • http://www.healing-oceans-family-wellness-center.com/directions.html Directions to Healing Oceans - Directions to Dr. Ginsburg and Healing Oceans Family Wellness Center in Plainsboro, NJ
  • http://www.healing-oceans-family-wellness-center.com/passport-registration.html Healing Oceans Passport registration page - Create a login to the Elation Passport for Healing Oceans Family Wellness Center.
  • http://www.healing-oceans-family-wellness-center.com/healing-oceans-newsletter.html The Healing Oceans Newsletter - The Healing Oceans Newsletter - A monthly email newsletter with useful information from Dr. Ginsburg on living the vital and healthy life.
  • http://www.healing-oceans-family-wellness-center.com/family-doctor.html Family Doctor - What is it? - A Family Doctor is unique in American medicine. They are the doctors of the big picture, trained to see the whole patient.
  • http://www.healing-oceans-family-wellness-center.com/innovative-medical-practice.html Innovative Medical Practice is actually our version of an IMP - Our innovative medical practice is actually just following the model of the Ideal Medical Practice (IMP), priortizing care for the patient.
  • http://www.healing-oceans-family-wellness-center.com/volition-wellness.html Volition Wellness and Healing Oceans are co-locating - Volition Wellness Solutions and Healing Oceans Family Wellness Center now share the same office.
  • http://www.healing-oceans-family-wellness-center.com/how-to-submit-to-insurance.html How to submit to insurance for reimbursement - How to submit to insurance for reimbursement after visiting Healing Oceans (out-of-network insurance coverage).
  • http://www.healing-oceans-family-wellness-center.com/non-covered-tests.html Non-covered tests and insurance reimbursement - Non-covered tests: why your insurance plan may not pay for important medical tests
  • http://www.healing-oceans-family-wellness-center.com/out-of-network.html Why we are "out of network" for insurance plans - Letter on withdrawing from health insurance networks from Dr. Ginsburg to her patients
  • http://www.healing-oceans-family-wellness-center.com/preconception-counseling.html Preconception Counseling - • Preconception counseling with Dr. Ginsburg prepares you holistically for pregnancy’s big choices: birthing style, diet, vitamins, drugs, exercise, underlying issues, and parenting preparation.
  • http://www.healing-oceans-family-wellness-center.com/natural-pregnancy.html Natural Pregnancy and Holistic Prenatal Care - from a holistic Family Doctor - Natural pregnancy and prenatal care guides you into the ease and benefits of natural child birth. By a holistic Family Doctor.
  • http://www.healing-oceans-family-wellness-center.com/choosing-birth-doctor.html Choosing Birth Doctor or Midwife - Choosing birth doctor: get help with this list of questions for the interview. From a holistic Family Doctor

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