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HF&C Feeds Inc. | Equine & Livestock Supplies, Tack Shop, Feed Store, Farm & Ranch Supplies, Purina Products - Lubbock, TX - Started in 1989 by Gary McCallister, our family-owned and operated, tack, livestock feed and farm supply store has been called the best in the area.

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  • Courtney - This really works guys you have to be consistent with ...

    This really works guys you have to be consistent with this by following the eating plan and exceeding you are guarenteed to see faults I have been waiting to stop breast feeding my daughter to get back on this and I can not wait to re start this after Christmas

  • Eric Stitt - Bluetooth doesn't work.

    Bluetooth doesn't work. My car asks for me to enter a pin on the device but there is no way in the Fiio software to do that. So I'm probably going to have to wait for a firmware update. They shipped this product unfinished and it's annoying. The only reason I got this was for the Bluetooth, otherwise it's just a normal X1. Apparently there's some different internals, but you won't hear any difference. UI is exactly the same. The ONLY reason to get this instead of an original X1 is Bluetooth and that doesn't even work right. Frustrating.

  • Tomer Ariav - Previous editions were easier to use.

    I still did not get the results that I used to get with previous editions. Harder to find addresses, got stuck with counties from my last search and made my life a bit harder this time.

  • Careful Shopper - Florida Health Dept. says "don't waste money on septic additives"

    Started using Rid-X, washing machine water started bubbling up in toilet. The septic guy just left and handed me a brochure published by the Florida Health Department and NOAA. It says, "don't waste money on septic additives. The bacteria needed to treat wastewater is naturally present in sewage. Additives can resuspend solids causing your drainfield to clog."

  • Bot-Hell - Amazing product and service!!

    This iron works! I have very fine stick straight hair, I have never been able to find a curling iron that actually holds any curl, until the Tyme iron. Not only is the iron awesome, so is the customer service! Everytime I have had an interaction with the team at Tyme, they have exceeded my expectations, they treat you like a friend. They really do want to make sure you are a priority, and feel valued as a customer. I can't say enough great things about the Tyme Iron and the company!!

  • Mark Twain - I'm not a ninja.

    I was in NYC a few weeks ago and walking through the Canal St. section (Chinatown). Various vendors called to me, trying to entice that little voice in my head that said things like "you need a fake Rolex", or "that three-foot tall elephant statue would look great in your bedroom". I was stronger than the voice, however and was able to fend off all impulse buying urges - even for a cool pack of "ninja throwing knives" which I'm sure are illegal in at least 48 states. Also, aren't ninjas Japanese? Anyway I was doing well, not making eye contact with anyone and weaving my way past all the authentic Chinese merchants (like McDonalds). Then, out of the corner of my eye there was a glint of sunlight reflecting off of the most wonderful multi-colored display of treats that I have ever seen. It was like the world stopped for a moment, and this five-pound bag of heaven was calling to me. I walked over and asked the lady holding a monkey "how much?" Twenty five dollars. Whoa. I told her no way that was too much. Then she reached down under the table and brought out a black velvet pouch of DRAGON shaped ninja throwing knives and said these mystical words: "knives too". I don't even remember handing her the money but the next thing I knew I was carrying a five-pound bag of Haribo gummi bears in one hand and holding my throwing knives in the other. I had about a 45 minute brisk walk up to Grand Central so I was glad to have a snack to munch on while I was walking.

  • The Troll Under the Bridge - LG - Looks Good!

    I bought this TV for my aunt as an early Christmas present. I hooked it up for her and the process was easy as pie. The TV did almost everything for me. My aunt has hearing problems. I discovered there is a feature on this TV where I can adjust the sound quality of the spoken word. It really helped my aunt understand dialogue. The features on this TV are well thought out and useful. The picture and audio are above average. Actually, the picture and sound exceed that which I have on my 41" TV at home. I am very satisfied with this TV. My aunt loves it. I can highly recommend this item to anyone looking to get a new TV.