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The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp - Providing medically-supervised summer camps and programs free of charge to children with serious illnesses and their families throughout the Northeast.

  • http://www.holeinthewallgang.org/programs/ Programs | The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp - Offering a variety of summer camps, family weekend programs, and hospital outreach programs for seriously ill children and their families in the Northeast.
  • http://www.holeinthewallgang.org/about/ Who We Are | The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp - Since 1988 we've offered a variety of on-site and off-site camp sessions and programs to seriously ill children and their families throughout the Northeast.
  • http://www.holeinthewallgang.org/about/Founder-and-History/ Founder Paul Newman | The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp - Paul Newman founded the camp in 1988 to ensure that every child with a serious illness could experience the healing power of camp.
  • http://www.holeinthewallgang.org/about/Our-Mission/ Mission Statement | The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp - Our goal is to bring hope and healing to seriously ill children and their families in the Northeast through fun and supportive programs, free of charge.
  • http://www.holeinthewallgang.org/about/Our-Financials/ Financial Documents | The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp - View our expense and contribution reports, which reflect our goal to provide life-changing experiences to seriously ill children and their families.
  • http://www.holeinthewallgang.org/Calendar/ Upcoming Events | The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp - View our calendar of upcoming program sessions, application deadlines, Camp-hosted benefits events, athletic events, and volunteer opportunities.
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  • Just My Opinion - Comprehensive

    I teach a combined barbering/cosmetology course. The book is quite comprehensive. I only WISH that the publishers would coordinate the segments that overlap with Milady's Barbering to make it easier to teach both together, as some of the material is the same.

  • Bianca - I loved the smell of it

    My stylist suggested this product. I loved the smell of it. I couldn't find it in any stores though (when it first came out). I was so happy when I found it on Amazon. The one I purchased on Amazon smelled a little differently and made my hair more frizzy. I did use it though for about a year. I have fine hair so I only spray 2-3 sprays or your hair will become greasy. I then bought my second bottle from a store and sure enough that one smelled exactly like my hair stylists. I think the bottle I bought was either old or watered down it was not the same as the one I bought at a store. That's why I will only give it 4 stars. The one from the store is 5 stars. Its a heat protect and it helps repair hair.

  • CivilBrocedure - Best Guitar Game/Learning Software I've Seen

    This is an amazing piece of learning software. I've been playing guitar for years on and off, never been very good at it but could fake my way through a few moderate difficulty songs. This game, in the 3 days I have owned, has made a bigger impact on my guitar learning than any other piece of software, personal lessons, or practice techniques I've come across so far. It merges the satisfaction of achievement in a video game with learning, effectively incentivizing you to continue getting better and making it fun to do so.

  • Omaha Bagger - Take your time but definately pays off in the way of appearance.

    Received as a gift this past Christmas and was excited to add the bright white to my Speed3. Front and dome lights were a breeze. Visor lights were just as easy, just take your time snapping the cover back on. Hatch light was the next step. Installed the bulb and nothing so I grabbed my multi-meter and was getting juice so for some reason i flipped the bulb around and boom. Confused me as to why this did the trick but hey it worked. Next was rear liscense plate lights. Take your time so as not to break the clips. I had to pull the bumper cover away slightly and work the assembly out. Getting these back in was a pain but pulling on the bumper cover again and taking my time i got them both back in. BE SURE TO CHECK OPERATION BEFORE PUTTING THEM BACK! And now the glove box. Followed the instructions and pulled the whole assembly out just enough to remove the screw holding the socket to the assembly. Easier than trying to pry out the socket with needle nose. Everything snapped back in just fine after completion. Using supplied instruction I spent maybe 30 minutes but this is my baby so I took my time so I didn't break anything.

  • lstewart - Homerun

    This makes my daughters 3rd Anderson Rocketech Fastpitch Bat. We purchased this one for her to use this up coming high school senior year softball season and for her college softball career. We have purchased lots of bats over the years but in our opinion none are the quality or can help a batter with a great swing make a ball fly like a Rocketech!!!!

  • Candygirl - Finally Free

    When I first started using this product, I did not see a change right away. I also purchased the gel which did give me relief but only for three days. Not worth it for the price. But then I read one review, where the writer suggested it may take longer to work if you were on antibiotics for longer periods of time. So I continued using the capsules, and finally Ladies I am FREE. No smell or nasty discharge. No Yeast infections. This is the first time in 4 years I have been normal down there with the exception of a few weeks here and there while taking flagyl and Fluconazole over and over back to back. However there are side effects if you stop taking it. One, the symptoms will come back rather quickly if you miss a pill so try not to miss a dose. Two, acne will fall upon your face with a vengeance if you stop taking them all together. With that said, it is pricey but totally worth it. At least to me. I went to CVS last night and they now have a generic brand of this product for around $21.00 so I bought it. It has 5 strains of Probios' instead of two. I hope it works as well as this one. It is convenient to be able to go to a store and pick them up when you run out and not have to pay $33.00 a pop. I will keep you guys posted.