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  • Adondo - A must have for every RV.

    Make loose loops to the pump inlet and outlet to isolate pump from the RV piping. Buy an accumulator tank for even better results and home like faucet flow.

  • Amazon Customer - The costume should be taken down

    This is actually taking away the meaning of the actual holiday of Día de Muertos. It is to celebrate the dead. Not turn them into a "sexy" women's costume for an American holiday. Not cool at all.

  • Peter Batemon - It's Good This Sucks! :D

    Got this to use with our daughter when she eventually is born, but my wife (who has horrible sinus problems even when she isn't 9 months pregnant and retaining fluid) decided to try it out. She absolutely loves it. It doesn't seem too forceful unless you throw all caution to the wind and just leave it in your nostril too long-- something she sadly learned one night when she kept using it, not realizing her congestion was just that-- congestion from retained fluid, and not any sort of additional mucous. She basically was like a teenager who uses the vacuum to fake hickies, but instead of hickies on her neck, she had them on her right-side sinuses. Ouch. She learned her lesson, and still loves it after her sinuses healed after a day or two. She still uses it when she knows she is congested by stuff that isn't attached permanently.

  • K. Moody - Love it!

    Being on Weight Watchers and having lost over 60 pounds I was looking for some good treat! Fruit is free on Weight Watchers. I used 2 bananas and 1 cup blackberries. It came out like soft serve ice cream. If you use other fruit with the bananas it takes on that flavor! After reading some of the other posts I do hope mine holds up! I would truly miss it!