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  • Kim De La Peza - LOVE THIS TRAP

    LOVE THIS TRAP!! I knew I HAD a squirrel problem, but didn't realize how bad until I started trapping them. Within first 4 hours I trapped 10. By day 4, I'd trapped 65....yes, 65. I put one trap inside my chicken coop and still caught many squirrels in the trap despite having an open feeder full of chicken food. Had contacted 3 exterminators prior and all said I had to use poison to kill the squirrels. Not True! This trap did the trick. I still catch an occasional squirrel that wanders over from neighbors yard, but I've controlled the squirrel chaos at my home. Both my neighbor and my father have purchased that traps as a result of my recommendation and both r just a pleased and satisfied. Best solution to control a squirrel population!

  • Mr Happy - It worked for me...again!

    Every persons metabolism is different, but this product, and other QCarbo products have worked for me in the past. I'm presently 4 for 4 using QCarbo. If you expect it to work you MUST stop ingesting toxins at least 48 hours before using! In my case its always been 5 to 10 days. But I know folks who have had it work after only 48 hours. I'm a bigger guy, and tend to ingest a lot of "toxins" so the QCarbo 32 is my go to product. Here's how it works for me. NO over the counter medications 24 hours before use, NO heavy meals 8 hours before use. Start with 20 oz of water, wait 20 min. Drink QCarbo 32 at a moderate pace. Takes me about 15 min. I wont lie...It don't taste to good...The tropical flavor is not as bad as the Grape. After drinking the Juice, wait 1 hour. Refill the bottle with water and chug it down. Urinate 4 times and your good to go. You'll be peeing mountain dew yellow, no worries. It's all good, just the product working. If your being tested for toxin's you have about a 3 hour window after consumption. I give it 4 stars rather than 5 because it tastes like crap, and after about 7 hours you start to feel like crap as well. But if you need it for the same reasons I did, Its worth it, and the $40 cost!! Good Luck!!

  • Susan E. - RoC Deep Wrinkle Daily Moisturizer SPF30

    I've reviewed this product in the past. Roc is great for those of us with aging skin. For me, it does reduce the look of my fine, little wrinkles and crows feet, unfortunately it doesn't make them disappear totally. It also seems to reduce those pesky little dark spots that pop up. It takes a few weeks to notice it doing its job, nothing happens over night ladies. But you will have softer, smoother skin than before you started using this product.

  • joeball - Good for soaking your tooth brush

    For people who use a traditional tooth brush vs. electric this is nice to soak your bristles in . Does a great job.

  • P. Sprinkle - Nothing like the samples I got

    I just finished a bottle of this, and I have to say I was pretty disappointed. I had picked up a few samples at my local GNC, and thought the product worked great. Took it mid-morning, had nice energy boost (not crazy and jittery, just right) until late afternoon. It happened that way every time I took it. So I had some expectations in place when I ordered this bottle. It basically did nothing for me. Is it possible that the company "juices" their samples and weakens their sale products? Maybe I just got a bad batch? I would give it 1 star, but I'm leaving open the possibility of getting some good ones like the samples were.

  • Gracie - Perfect

    I have used lots of purple shampoos. Right now I am mostly grey with blonde from when I used to dye it. I am growing it out to all grey so I don't want the blond to be bright or brassy. It makes too much of a contrast. This shampoo is fabulous for the blonde. It cools it down to a nice more flattering blonde while transitioning more subtly to the grey. This brightens up the grey nicely too. This shampoo is not too drying which is important if you are dying hair. It cleans well and smells fine (but barely there).

  • Lyle A. Wilkinson - you are here

    With Delorme's Street Atlas USA 2010 the LT40 turns your laptop or netbook into a full on gps navigator. It is fun to watch as you drive along, almost like looking down on yourself from a plane. Helps you discover things hidden from your ground view but visible on the map, like lakes hidden in the trees.