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  • sniper442 - 05 tacoma remote

    works perfect.............crazy programing sequence. open door twice,turn key twice,rub your head,stand on one foot,yada yada yada..and it works.there you go.

  • Amazon Customer - I received the powder version today. In my opinion ...

    I received the powder version today. In my opinion it's unfair to rate whether this product delivers until you've been on the regiment for at least 60-90 days. None of these star mean anything, I will be back in November 2016 with a fully rating.

  • K. Gates - My Favorite Pillow!

    I’ll be honest I bought this pillow thinking “this isn’t going to be any better than my goose down pillows”. I have trouble getting to sleep plus a variety of other issues (TMJ, migraines, and neck pain) so having the right pillow is critical. Up until now I’ve always bought and used goose down pillows. This is my first memory foam pillow purchase and I don’t believe I will be going back to the goose down pillows! I really do love my aloe vera bamboo memory foam pillow! This pillow is slightly heavier and a lot fluffier than my goose down pillows; which was surprising since the pillow was delivered in a plastic zipper bag, rolled up very flat and tightly; but once the package was opened it expanded right out to normal. This pillow also stays nice and cool which I wasn’t expecting... I’m not sure if this is due to the pillow itself or the aloe vera/bamboo cover but either way I really like the removable cover and the fact that both the cover and the pillow are washable. * I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest review. And I will be purchasing others!

  • Kenneth E Klussman - Excellent product

    Recommended by our Ophthalmologist. Works very well. Does exactly what the doctor said. Would recommend it for anyone with dry eyes. Just to be safe; see you eye doctor.

  • Thomas M. Moore - IT WORKS! But you have to stick with it...

    I am 29 years old, 5' 7" and started out in a size 34-36. At first I did not notice results, but stuck with it because I did notice my midsection heating up as advertised. I decided to also wear it for my workouts, so much longer than 10 minutes 2 times a day, more like hours at a time. My workouts are not that rigorous, I stick to the basics of push-ups, sit-ups, and squats, but my sit-ups are done on an Ab-lounge (which many say does not work either, but you have to do the workout exactly like they do on the instructional dvd!). After a few months of wearing my Tummy Tuck belt and using the cream while doing my short daily workout, I went from 190 pounds to 150 Pounds and down to a size 30!!! It DOES work very well, but you have to stick with it and not be afraid of using it to the extreme by leaving it on for long periods of time. If you can work out with the belt, I think it really accelerates weight loss in the mid section. Hope this helps offset all the negative comments.

  • warren11 - mini for my mini!

    I think our family has now found the perfect stroller! We have "test driven" several (my poor husband), but nothing compares to the mini! It is SUPER lightweight and very smooth to push. The fold is beyond easy which was a huge selling point for me. I also love that the tires are airless - anything that makes my life easier earns major bonus points! :) My little guy loves to stroll, but usually falls asleep halfway through the ride, so I love that the seat can lay flat and there is a huge canopy to block the sun. Plus, the same great durability as all the other Mountain Buggies. Overall this stroller is a WINNER for families on the go!

  • From Ohio - Results you can see with continued use.

    I use this Eye Gel on my entire face to try to hold my 55 yr old wrinkles at bay or if possible get rid of them all together. I don't think that will happen with anything honestly tho. The ingredients in this Gel ARE the best I have found at helping to hold off the aging process on your face. It is a bit tacky feeling but that goes away after a short while. Used daily this will give you results you can see.