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Healthcare Training Institute - Patient Care Technician Training - An accredited medical training school in NJ. We offer healthcare careers such as patient care tech, ultrasound tech, medical billing specialist & more.

  • http://www.htinj.edu/about-us/ About Healthcare Training Institute – Trade School in NJ - Healthcare Training Institute is an accredited technical school in Union, NJ that offers various healthcare training courses. Visit our site to request more info!
  • http://www.htinj.edu/accreditations-approvals/ Healthcare Training Institute's Accreditations & Approvals - HTI is approved by the New Jersey Department of Labor & Workforce Development, ACCSC, the United States Department of Education, and more.
  • http://www.htinj.edu/reviews/ Healthcare Training Institute, Union NJ - Reviews - What students have to say about Healthcare Training Institute’s faculty, curriculum, and more.
  • http://www.htinj.edu/admissions/ Healthcare Training Institute Admissions - Applicants for the Healthcare Training Institute admissions must possess a high school diploma or General Education Certificate (G.E.D.) Visit us online to learn more.
  • http://www.htinj.edu/admissions/career-services/ Career Services - Healthcare Training Institute - Our goal is to help every student pursue a career in their field of study. In 2014, we achieved an overall average job placement rate of more than 85%.
  • http://www.htinj.edu/programs/ Medical Assistant Training in NJ – Healthcare Training Institute - A leading provider of medical assistant training in NJ to advance your medical assistant career. Call 908-851-7711 to learn more about our programs.
  • http://www.htinj.edu/medical-billing-specialist/ Medical Billing & Coding School in Union, NJ - Medical billing and coding courses in NJ. We offer flexible medical billing training and a comprehensive curriculum. Call (908) 851-7711 now!
  • http://www.htinj.edu/medical-billing-coding-specialist/ Medical Billing & Coding Training Program in NJ - Accredited Medical Billing & Coding Training Program in New Jersey. Get the training to start your career today. Visit us online or call (908) 851-7711.
  • http://www.htinj.edu/medical-assistant-technician/ Medical Assistant Certification in NJ - Healthcare Training - Our medical assistant training program prepares students for entry-level jobs. Receive hands on training from skilled instructors & start your career today.
  • http://www.htinj.edu/diagnostic-medical-sonographer/ Sonogram Technician School in NJ - Healthcare Training - Looking for a sonography school? NJ residents can come to Healthcare Training Institute for quality education to start their new careers. Visit us today!
  • http://www.htinj.edu/patient-care-technician/ Patient Care Technician Training In NJ - HTINJ - For professional training in patient care, New Jersey residents enroll at Healthcare Training Institute in Union, NJ. Start your PCT career today!
  • http://www.htinj.edu/ultrasound-technician/ Ultrasound Tech School in NJ - Healthcare Training Institute - An accredited ultrasound tech school in NJ offering ultrasound technician training classes. Learn more about our programs & how to start your career today.
  • http://www.htinj.edu/phlebotomy-ekg-technician/ Phlebotomy Certification & EKG Technician Training in NJ - Our phlebotomy training program prepares students to become skilled entry-level healthcare technicians. Learn more about our phlebotomy courses and EKG classes.
  • http://www.htinj.edu/certified-nurse-aide/ CNA Training in NJ – Healthcare Training Institute - Our CNA classes in New Jersey provide the real-life training you need to advance your career as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Visit us to learn more.
  • http://www.htinj.edu/fundamentals-of-adult-echocardiography/ Echocardiography Technologist Training in New Jersey - We provide students with the skills & knowledge necessary to apply for an entry‐level echocardiography job. Learn more about our echo technician programs here.
  • http://www.htinj.edu/medical-coding-specialist/ Medical Coding Certification Program in Union NJ - Our medical coding training program is designed to prepare students for entry level employment. Visit us online to begin your career.
  • http://www.htinj.edu/patient-assistant-technician/ Patient Assistant Technician & EKG Certification in NJ - Our patient assistant technician program prepares students with rigorous classroom training and clinical experience. Learn more about our curriculum here.
  • http://www.htinj.edu/student-services/ Student Services - Healthcare Training Institute, Union NJ - Healthcare Training Institute in Union, NJ strives to offer its students the best education and services. To learn more about what we offer, visit our site.
  • http://www.htinj.edu/financial-aid/ Financial Aid – Healthcare Training Institute, Union, NJ - Our office of financial aid for medical career training is assists students in making the right investments for their future.
  • http://www.htinj.edu/debt-management-exit-counseling/ Debt Management & Exit Counseling – Healthcare Training Institute - US Department of Education requires all students with outstanding loans to complete an online Exit Counseling before leaving school.
  • http://www.htinj.edu/blog/ Healthcare Training Institute Blog - Welcome to the Healthcare Training Institute's blog. We share industry news, information, student resources, and more.
  • http://www.htinj.edu/faculty/ Faculty - Healthcare Training Institute, Union NJ - For quality teachers and education, aspiring healthcare professionals turn to the Healthcare Training Institute in Union, NJ. Meet our dedicated faculty here.
  • http://www.htinj.edu/contact/ Medical School in New Jersey - Healthcare Training Institute - Ready for a new career? Visit Healthcare Training Institute, an accredited medical school in Union, NJ. Visit our site to request more info!
  • http://www.htinj.edu/directions/ Directions To The Healthcare Training Institute - The Healthcare Training Institute in Union, NJ offers education in numerous healthcare-related fields and technologies. Find directions to us on our site.
  • http://www.htinj.edu/jobs/ Jobs – Healthcare Training Institute, Union NJ - Current career opportunities at the Healthcare Training Institute. Interested in joining our faculty? Browse our job openings and submit your resume today.

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