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Dams, Piano Keys Weirs, Tidal Energy & Energy Storage - HydroCoop - Hydrocoop is a non-profit-making organisation, which offers free advice in dam engineering, tidal energy, energy storage and renewable energies.

  • http://www.hydrocoop.org/hydrocoop-presentation/ HydroCoop Presentation - Dams Engineering, Tidal Energy & Energy Storage - HydroCoop is a non-profit-making organisation, which offers free advice on dam engineering, tidal energy and energy storage.
  • http://www.hydrocoop.org/contact-us/ Contact Us - Dam Engineering & Future of Energy - Contact Hydrocoop about dam engineering or about future of energy. On Hydrocoop.org, free advice is provided by international experts.
  • http://www.hydrocoop.org/-/future-of-energy/ Future of Energy: Energy Storage, Renewable Energy & Tidal Energy - Read all the articles related to future of energy (energy storage, renewable energy, tidal energy) on the official website of HydroCoop.
  • http://www.hydrocoop.org/hydropower-energy-storage-may-be-the-key-to-sustainable-energy/ Hydropower Storage May be the Key to Sustainable Energy - HydroCoop - An analysis of future energy needs and sources should avoid utopias, clearly evaluate the needs, and quantify the potential, cost and impacts of possible solutions.
  • http://www.hydrocoop.org/marine-psp-pumping-station-plants/ Marine PSP (Pumping Station Plants) - Pumped Storage Hydroelectricity Offshore - Pumped Storage Hydroelectricity using offshore storage basins to store wind and solar power is an attractive and realistic solution.
  • http://www.hydrocoop.org/-/dams-of-the-future/ Dams of the Future - Spillway / Dam Design, Engineering & Construction - Discover all articles related to dams of the future design & engineering on Hydrocoop.org. Free advice is provided by international experts.
  • http://www.hydrocoop.org/-/flood-and-spillway/ Flood & Spillway - Dam Engineering and Dam Construction - Discover all articles related to floods, spillways and dams engineering on Hydrocoop.org. Free advice is provided by international experts.
  • http://www.hydrocoop.org/-/piano-keys-weirs/ Piano Keys Weir (PK Weir) - Dam Engineering - Discover all articles related to Piano Keys Weirs (PK Weirs) on Hydrocoop.org. Free advice provided by international experts on dams.
  • http://www.hydrocoop.org/combined-innovative-spillways-associating-concrete-fuse-plugs-with-piano-keys-weirs/ Combined Innovative Spillways: associating Concrete fuse plugs with Piano Keys Weirs - Combined Innovative Spillways associate Piano Keys Weirs and fuse plugs: it allows to benefit from the specific advantages of the two devices: those of the PK Weirs for the usual floods and those of the fuse plugs for the exceptional floods.
  • http://www.hydrocoop.org/-/siltation/ Siltation - Dam Engineering & Dam Construction - Discover all articles related to siltation problems and dam engineering on Hydrocoop.org. Free advice is provided by international experts.
  • http://www.hydrocoop.org/-/low-dams/ Low Dams - Dam Construction & Dam Engineering - Discover all articles related to low dams on Hydrocoop.org. Free advice is provided by international experts.
  • http://www.hydrocoop.org/-/water-savings-nile-niger/ Water Savings (Nile, Niger ...) - Dam Engineering and Dam Construction - Discover all articles related to water savings (Nile, Niger...) and to dam engineering. Free advice provided by international experts.
  • http://www.hydrocoop.org/tidal-energy-new-solution-may-double-worldwide-potential/ A New Solution May Double The Worldwide Potential of Tidal Energy and Half Its Cost - A new specific solution better adapted to the specific tidal energy is presented in this article; it may apply to 1 500 TWh/year at a cost close to the hydropower cost, and with a better environmental impact.
  • http://www.hydrocoop.org/piano-keys-weirs-could-be-used-for-most-african-spillways/ Piano Keys Weirs (PK Weirs) Could Be Used For Most African Spillways - For cost or safety reasons the fully gated spillways will probably be avoided for most future dams and free flow spillways will likely be the most used solution.
  • http://www.hydrocoop.org/concrete-fuse-plugs/ Concrete Fuse Plugs - Dam & Spillway Design - Concrete fuse plugs are simple massive blocks placed side by side on a spillway sill. They are free standing and stable until the water level in the reservoir reaches a certain elevation and they start tilting when this elevation is exceeded.
  • http://www.hydrocoop.org/increasing-fivefold-discharge-capacity-free-flow-spillways/ Increasing fivefold the discharge capacity of free-flow spillways - The drawback of traditional free flow spillways is their low specific discharge. C.I.S. (Combining Innovative Spillways) may increase fivefold the discharge at low cost. Two spillways may be associated: PK- Weirs and Concrete Fuse Plugs.
  • http://www.hydrocoop.org/new-tidal-energy-solutions/ New Tidal Energy solutions (Q.96 ICOLD 25th Congress - Stavanger) - Most past designs of tidal plants have been devoted to best sites of few countries. However the proposed solutions appear usually too expensive in the very specific conditions of tidal energy.
  • http://www.hydrocoop.org/new-promising-solutions-for-tidal-energy/ New promising solutions for Tidal Energy (26th ICOLD Congress - Q.96) - Hydropower and Tidal Energy have about the same theoretical potential, above 20 000 TWh/year. The possible energy supply per km2 of tidal basin (20 GWh/km2 with a tidal range of 5 m) is higher than the average energy supply per km2 of dam reservoirs (3 500 TWh for 350 000 km2, i.e. 10GWh/km2).
  • http://www.hydrocoop.org/piano-key-weirs-pk-weirs-triple-the-spillways-discharge/ Piano Key Weirs (PK Weirs) triple the spillways discharge - Tested since 15 years and implemented on many dams in various countries since 10 years, the Piano Key Weir, an improved labyrinth design, appears very cost efficient, optimizing hydraulic efficiency as well as structural requirements and construction facility.

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