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Infectious Diseases of Poverty | Home page - <p><i>Infectious Diseases of Poverty</i> is an open access, peer-reviewed journal publishing topic areas and methods that address essential public health questions relating to infectious diseases of poverty. These include various aspects of the biology of pathogens and vectors, diagnosis and detection, treatment and case management, epidemiology and modeling, zoonotic hosts and animal reservoirs, control strategies and implementation, new technologies and application. Transdisciplinary or multisectoral effects on health systems, ecohealth, environmental management, and innovative technology are also considered.</p><p><i>Infectious Diseases of Poverty</i> aims to identify and assess research and information gaps that hinder progress towards new interventions for a particular public health problem in the developing world. Moreover, it provides a platform for discussion of the issues raised, in order to advance research and evidence building for improved public health interventions in poor settings.</p>

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    ....It has been a frustrating start up. My first frustration was to find I must download and print the 97 page manual only to find that the pages aren't numbered! Why they didnt spend one more hour to number the pages before posting is hard to understand. Next you will be impressed with the many features such as PIP and Recording to a thumb drive that the TV offers only to learn after more study and trials that these (and perhaps others) are not available in units sold in the USA and Canada. Most disappointing to me was the lack of a voice remote even though this is clearly shown in the Samsung illustrations which are also used on the Amazon page. Amazon was gracious enough to pay for a voice remote- although after hours of trying I found the voice feature is not supported by this model. The workaround that works well is the addition of the $59 Amazon voice Firestick for a good voice activated remote with Amazon's huge Music selection as an added bonus.

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