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UnityPoint Health | A New Approach to Healthcare - Previously known as Iowa Health System, UnityPoint Health is not just a new name but a new approach to healthcare - a coordinated care approach.

Country:, North America, US

City: -91.5992 Iowa, United States

  • Marion Crutchfield - This is amazing

    This really looks like one of those devices that isn't worth a crap but nothing could be further from the truth. I bought it for my daughter who is 6 feet tall and often has issues with her back. While at my parents house she awoke in great pain and my parents immediately put her on their Back2Life. She was so amazed how good she felt after just 12 minutes. She did it every day while we visited and since her birthday was coming up they wanted to buy her one. Now we have one at home, we all use it, after cooking for about 3 hours last night my lower back was killing me. I did 12 minutes, twice and sprang out of bed this morning with no aches at all.

  • Shannon - Ended a bad situation!

    This is a great great to have. It is extremely bright and easy to use. Within a week of receiving this device I ran into a situation where the strobe feature came in handy. I took my dog out for a walk at night as usual but this time I heard my neighbor screaming. I came around the corner to see a stray Chow Chow attacking her and her 2 mini terriers. I was able to quickly pull the light out of my pocket and turn it on and engaged the strobe feature. It immediately disoriented the dog and it backed away barking. After a few seconds of me backing it away the stray took off running. I was very happy I had this flashlight on me. It possibly saved my neighbor and her dogs from serious injury. I feel very secure with this and my Spyderco Endura for my edc carry at night.

  • Aries - lots of bang for your buck

    great smell decent price and a metal canister you can use to store a small circular w/e in lol. i was looking for i guess you could call it a signature scent and thought i would give this a try. it has more then met my expectations this is actually my 2nd time ordering now and i would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a good clean masculine scent that is not overly muscular

  • C.J×3 - Very impressed and make our house look really good at night

    Wow! I bought and some solar lights before but they were cheaper ones and broke. These are soo worth the money they are some of the nicest well built solar lights I've honestly seen. They are heavy duty and not made cheap. Also they have a on and off button and a backup battery in there. Thats a really nice extra because usually most dont have that feature and when they do they make you buy the battery. Very impressed and make our house look really good at night! My husband was really excited to.