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Bristol-Myers Squibb: At the Forefront of Immuno-Oncology - At Bristol-Myers Squibb, we’re committed to investigating the potential of Immuno-Oncology in cancer research.

  • http://www.immunooncologyhcp.bmsinformation.com/antitumor-immunity Revealing the Potential of the Immune System in Cancer - The immune system is the body’s defense against foreign threats, including pathogens and cancer.
  • http://www.immunooncologyhcp.bmsinformation.com/antitumor-immunity/pathways I-O: Empowering the Immune System to Fight Cancer - Immuno-Oncology research seeks to restore the body’s natural ability to fight cancer.
  • http://www.immunooncologyhcp.bmsinformation.com/antitumor-immunity/pathways/SLAMF7-pathway SLAMF7 Signaling Stimulates Durable Immune Responses - Signaling Lymphocytic Activation Molecule Family member 7 (SLAMF7) stimulates durable antitumor immunity through NK and T cells.
  • http://www.immunooncologyhcp.bmsinformation.com/antitumor-immunity/pathways/CTLA-4-pathway CTLA-4 Prevents Long-Term Immune Responses - Cytotoxic T-Lymphocyte-associated Antigen 4 (CTLA-4) is a checkpoint receptor that modulates long-term immunity.
  • http://www.immunooncologyhcp.bmsinformation.com/antitumor-immunity/pathways/PD1-pathway Modulating PD-1 Reinvigorates Exhausted T Cells - Programmed-death 1 (PD-1) is an immune checkpoint receptor that drives tumor immune escape in cancer.
  • http://www.immunooncologyhcp.bmsinformation.com/antitumor-immunity/combinations Immune Pathways Combine to Refine Response - Immune balance is maintained through the combination of activating and inhibitory signaling pathways.
  • http://www.immunooncologyhcp.bmsinformation.com/immune-biomarkers Exploring Predictors of Response: Immune-Biomarkers - Immune-biomarkers are indicators of immune activity in the tumor microenvironment.
  • http://www.immunooncologyhcp.bmsinformation.com/immune-biomarkers/biomarkers-and-IO Immune-Biomarkers and Immuno-Oncology Research - Immune-biomarkers aim to characterize the ongoing interaction between the immune system and cancer.
  • http://www.immunooncologyhcp.bmsinformation.com/immune-biomarkers/investigational-biomarkers Investigational Immune-Biomarkers - Bristol-Myers Squibb is leading the exploration of immune-biomarkers in Immuno-Oncology.
  • http://www.immunooncologyhcp.bmsinformation.com/clinical-expectations Evolving Clinical Expectations in Immuno-Oncology - Immuno-Oncology is a fundamentally different approach to fighting cancer and comes with unique considerations.
  • http://www.immunooncologyhcp.bmsinformation.com/clinical-expectations/pseudo-progression Pseudo-Progression and Immuno-Oncology - Development of antitumor immunity may be misclassified as disease progression.
  • http://www.immunooncologyhcp.bmsinformation.com/clinical-expectations/end-point-considerations Endpoint Considerations for Immuno-Oncology Research - Immuno-Oncology research requires a more comprehensive approach to endpoint assessment.
  • http://www.immunooncologyhcp.bmsinformation.com/potential-of-IO Realizing the Potential of Immuno-Oncology Research - Evidence of immunogenicity across tumor types provides the rationale for the breadth of Immuno-Oncology research.
  • http://www.immunooncologyhcp.bmsinformation.com/IO-resources I-O Resources - Immuno-Oncology resources and information for health care professionals to continue learning.

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