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Diarrhoea and IBS advice, medicine, and information | IMODIUM® - IMODIUM® brings you information and advice on the symptoms and causes of diarrhoea as well as how to prevent it. Discover IMODIUM® today.

  • http://www.imodium.co.nz/understanding-diarrhoea.html Understanding diarrhoea | IMODIUM® - Diarrhoea can be a troubling symptom to have. IMODIUM® brings you this useful video to explain what diarrhoea is and help you understand it.
  • http://www.imodium.co.nz/understanding-diarrhoea/types-of-diarrhoea.html Types of Acute diarrhoea | IMODIUM® - Shed light on the different types of Diarrhoea with this useful information, brought to you by IMODIUM®
  • http://www.imodium.co.nz/understanding-diarrhoea/types-of-diarrhoea/frequent-diarrhoea.html Frequent Diarrhoea | IMODIUM® - Though Diarrhoea can be a one off incident, for some it is a frequent symptom. IMODIUM® Is here to help. Learn more today
  • http://www.imodium.co.nz/understanding-diarrhoea/types-of-diarrhoea/travellers-diarrhoea.html Travellers’ diarrhoea and travel health advice | IMODIUM® - Find out about the causes of travellers’ diarrhoea as well as, symptoms, treatment and prevention. Brought to you by IMODIUM®
  • http://www.imodium.co.nz/understanding-diarrhoea/types-of-diarrhoea/infectious.html Infections - Causes of Diarrhoea | IMODIUM® - Get more information on viral or bacterial causes of diarrhoea , also known as gastroenteritis. Brought to you by IMODIUM®
  • http://www.imodium.co.nz/understanding-diarrhoea/types-of-diarrhoea/diarrhoea-and-pregnancy.html Diarrhoea in Pregnancy | IMODIUM® - Pregnancy puts a lot of pressure on your body and can cause Diarrhoea. IMODIUM® gives advice on how to cope with this draining symptom.
  • http://www.imodium.co.nz/understanding-diarrhoea/types-of-diarrhoea/diarrhoea-in-children.html Diarrhoea in Children | IMODIUM® - Diarrhoea can be dangerous to children if left untreated. Discover useful information from IMODIUM® today
  • http://www.imodium.co.nz/do-you-have-frequent-diarrhoea/causes-of-frequent-diarrhoea.html Causes of Diarrhoea | IMODIUM® - If you have frequent diarrhoea, there may be a deep rooted problem. IMODIUM® brings you information to help identify these potential causes.
  • http://www.imodium.co.nz/do-you-have-frequent-diarrhoea/causes-of-frequent-diarrhoea/stomach-infection.html Stomach Infection - Diarrhoea causes | IMODIUM® - Gastroenteritis can have several causes and leave you feeling weak. IMODIUM® explains how treating the symptoms can help get on with your day
  • http://www.imodium.co.nz/do-you-have-frequent-diarrhoea/causes-of-frequent-diarrhoea/food-allergies.html Allergies - Diarrhoea Causes | IMODIUM® - Sometimes Allergies to food and drink can cause acute diarrhoea. Gain more information on this matter today from IMODIUM® .
  • http://www.imodium.co.nz/do-you-have-frequent-diarrhoea/causes-of-frequent-diarrhoea/eating-habits.html Eating Habits - Diarrhoea Causes | IMODIUM® - Find out how your diet and eating habits can affect how well your digestive system functions. Brought to you by IMODIUM®
  • http://www.imodium.co.nz/do-you-have-frequent-diarrhoea/causes-of-frequent-diarrhoea/stress-and-anxiety.html Diarrhoea - modern lifestyles - stress and anxiety related | IMODIUM® - Learn how a stressful lifestyle can cause bouts of diarrhoea and what you can do to help reduce your stress levels. Brought to you by IMODIUM®
  • http://www.imodium.co.nz/do-you-have-frequent-diarrhoea/causes-of-frequent-diarrhoea/menstruation.html Information on menstrual diarrhoea | IMODIUM® - Find out how common menstrual diarrhoea is, what can cause it and how you can alleviate the symptoms. Brought to you by IMODIUM®
  • http://www.imodium.co.nz/do-you-have-frequent-diarrhoea/frequent-diarrhoea-treatment.html Treatment of Diarrhoea | IMODIUM® - If you have frequent diarrhoea, don't suffer in silence. IMODIUM® brings you info and advice on treating diarrhoea early. Learn more today.
  • http://www.imodium.co.nz/do-you-have-frequent-diarrhoea/support-and-advice.html Diarrhoea Advice - Life in Rhythm | IMODIUM® - Diarrhoea can throw your life out of step, however IMODIUM® is here to give you advice to help get your life in Rhythm. Find out more today.
  • http://www.imodium.co.nz/do-you-have-frequent-diarrhoea/support-and-advice/food.html Diarrhoea Advice - Food | IMODIUM® - Many people can be sensitive to certain foods which can cause diarrhoea. Find out more from IMODIUM® today
  • http://www.imodium.co.nz/do-you-have-frequent-diarrhoea/support-and-advice/mood.html Diarrhoea Advice - Mood | IMODIUM® - Your mood can have a profound effect on your digestive Health. Find out more from IMODIUM® , including advice on keeping relaxed.
  • http://www.imodium.co.nz/do-you-have-frequent-diarrhoea/support-and-advice/movement.html Diarrhoea Advice - Movement | IMODIUM® - Exercise can be surprisingly strong at helping Digestive Health. Find out more from IMODIUM® today including exercises to help stay in shape.
  • http://www.imodium.co.nz/treatment.html Diarrhoea Treatment | IMODIUM® - When you are struck with Diarrhoea, it's not to be ignored. But treating it can be quite simple. Learn more from IMODIUM® today
  • http://www.imodium.co.nz/treatment/why-treat-diarrhoea.html Why Treat Diarrhoea? | IMODIUM® - Diarrhoea can have several effects on your body. IMODIUM® is here to explain what these are and how they can hinder you. Find out more today
  • http://www.imodium.co.nz/treatment/how-imodium-works.html How IMODIUM® Works | IMODIUM® - IMODIUM® is designed to restore your body's natural flow and bring back your life's Rhythm. Find out more today.
  • http://www.imodium.co.nz/treatment/imodium-products.html Which IMODIUM® should I use? | IMODIUM® - IMODIUM® has a range of products designed to restore you body's balance and restore your life Rhythm. Discover more today.
  • http://www.imodium.co.nz/treatment/imodium-products/imodium-zapid.html IMODIUM® Zapid® | IMODIUM® - When you need to beat diarrhoea quickly, IMODIUM® Instants can work within one hour to swiftly restore your body's natural rhythm.
  • http://www.imodium.co.nz/treatment/imodium-products/imodium-original.html IMODIUM® Original | IMODIUM® - IMODIUM® has been treating diarrhoea for 30 years and is still here to help you restore your body's natural rhythm.
  • http://www.imodium.co.nz/treatment/imodium-products/imodium-advanced.html Imodium® Advanced -Treatment for Bouts of Diarrhoea| Imodium® - IMODIUM® Zapid® Tablets - Melts on your tongue making them a perfect cure for travelers. Stopdiarrhoeasymptoms on a holiday with IMODIUM®
  • http://www.imodium.co.nz/faq.html FAQs | IMODIUM® - For some quick advice, Have a look at our frequently asked questions and see how we can help you. Brought to you by IMODIUM®

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  • S. Palmer - Excellent book!

    I really appreciate the HD and vivid pictures. The explanations are very clear and precise. Many questions I had were answered after I read several chapters.

  • machone - Wilson Volleyball

    Fun product if you saw the movie Castaway. Now this is not to be used as a tournament volleyball but our team simply uses it as a mascot or conversation item when it sits on our bench. Everyone gets a kick out of it and it came at a really good price.

  • Duane Balay - Gets rid of the rash very quickly

    Gets rid of the rash very quickly. By the next diaper change in fact for a small to medium amount of rash

  • Brenda - Great post workout shake

    I think I've found my perfect post work out shake!!! what I like...first it taste great even just mixed with water, second very low in calories compared to most shakes I've checked into so if you decide to add something to it like yogurt, milk, fruit, etc. your not adding to a high calorie base, third 20 grams of protein to fuel my muscles after a work-out, and finally it has vitamins that are essential to women's health. One thing I'd like to see the company change is the packaging. Instead of the large plastic container that come almost half empty due to settling I'd rather see it packaged in a Ziploc like bag...better on environment, I'm sure cheaper to manufacture & ship.

  • Jack's Dad - In a word, it's COOL!

    Bought it for a 14 year old boy building his first computer. In a word, it's COOL! Boy is building a gaming computer. With very little help from mom and dad. An adult who has built many computers is offering his services as a consultant. But Jack is searching the internet and learning everything he can about the various parts and the putting-it-together. Now, after about three months, he knows what he wants. This is his keyboard.

  • Amazon Customer - Fast-Paced, Intriguing Plot

    Count me as one who's never been a fan of the political scene; I'd sooner pull my fingernails out one by one than watch more than a few minutes of a debate (never more true than in this election year). Still, the process is interesting to me if only because of my background in journalism and psychology, so the description of this book was too intriguing to pass up when I was offered the opportunity to read it in exchange for an honest review.

  • just another brick in the wall - A good product in the past going down hill

    I've been a customer of Acronis for many years and it has gotten me out of bind more than once. I updated to Acronis 2015 (also the latest update) and now my scheduled backups on my computer and my wife's computer consistently hang. I might get an incremental for a day or two and then the jobs get stuck in a queued state. I have to stop the scheduled tasks, end the Acronis background processes and restart the backup. This again works for awhile until the problem returns. Looking at the Acronis Forum, others are having the same problem. Acronis support policy is a joke. I have to spend money to talk with them about an issue with their product if I am past the 30 days from purchase? If I'm going to have to spend money, I may as well try another product which is what I did. I picked EaseUS and so far it is working without any issues. As I said, I liked Acronis and their 2015 version was a lot more streamlined than earlier versions but this buggy software and their support policy has made me move on.