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  • Kym Hammershmid - awful

    This is awful. I bought fairy tales and circle of friends at the same time tried them both curly shampoo conditioner and the detaingler. Her hair felt so dirty like she had been in a dirty ocean not to mention her curls looked like she haunts washed for days . It was awful! I tried the circle of friends and it was night and day. Love it soft pretty curls. Hair looks awesome.

  • dadgumit - Lost 10 in 14 days.

    I wanted to loose 50-60 lbs. I lost 40 on nutrimost system and then took 6 weeks off the VLCD. I started taking these because I finished the drops from nutrimost and was off the program. 2 weeks ago I started back into the VLCD portion of the nutrimost system with the only exception being these drops. I have lost an additional 10 pounds in 2 weeks. This product is a good substitute for the drops that come with the nutrimost system. The dosage is the same .5 ml = 10 drops under tongue. There are some differences in the ingredients so it isn't really a true substitute. However, the bulk of the ingredients are the same. Glad I bought it and I see know reason why I will not loose the additional 10 lbs.

  • Garrette Sanislo - Perfect zombie survival weapon!

    I purchased this Wenger 16999 Swiss Army knife to help my survival chances during zombie outbreaks. In previous zombie outbreaks, I have struggled to perform many survival duties. Since receiving this amazing tool, zombie outbreaks are a breeze! Not only does the Wegner 16999 have a great combination kitana sword/axe/scythe weapon (#5,642), it also has an AR-15 with ACOG scope, tripod, and laser attachment (#2,912) so your shots are always accurate! It also has a tree stand (#9,667) so you can get high above the zombies and they can't get to you! These attachments are also perfect for deer hunters! Then there's also the fishing pole tool (#217) and tackle box with 624 compartments to hold just about every type of lure you can think of (lures sold seperately). There's also a claw hammer (#19), cordless electric drill (#22), and a solar charger for drill, cell phones, car batteries, TARDIS, and any regular rechargeable battery (#23)! Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, there is also an entire full sized stone castle with titanium reinforced doors, drawbridge, and moat with alligators, piranha, and fricken' sharks with fricken' laser beams on their fricken' heads(#16,998)!!!! This truly is the greatest zombie outbreak survival tool ever made! I highly recommend everyone buys one for every person they know! Don't worry about the high price because it even has a tool that gives you the winning lottery numbers (#19,999) (*one time use only) so it pays for itself and then some!

  • SEAL - I love this knife

    I love this knife! VERY sharp and great for a self defense knife or for basic uses. Does not cut well but it isn't made for that anyway since its double sided. This knife is made to be used for self-defense hence the size and blade but will also work with opening boxes and etc. Also worth noting it the knife is pretty small and I was shocked at the size when I opened the box. It is roughly 5 inches long in total length with about a three inch blade.

  • one leaf - Easy bank reconciliation

    Quickbooks for Mac 2014 is yet another wonderful product from the folks at Intuit. It's super easy to use, has a good looking interface, and is a time saver. The online banking sync allows for a quick and easy reconciliation, asides from saving time it prevent entry errors. I recommend it to any and all small businesses, especially my farming neighbors.

  • artquinn - excellent for antiques

    Works perfectly for repairing grandmother's needlepoint stool. I am now a grandmother, so this stool is an antique.